SLaM Involvement Register: administration changes

SLaM are pleased to advise that Sue Folan will be retiring from the Trust on 2 October and will be replaced by Gemma McDonald who will be taking over the role of Involvement Register Co-ordinator for a period of 6 months.  Gemma will be working from 10.00am until 2.00pm from Tuesday to Friday and her email address will be and her telephone number will be 020 3228 1592.

To ensure a smooth handover, we have put in place certain contingency plans to manage the Involvement Register, as follows.  We would ask for your full co-operation in complying with these measures to ensure that it is ‘business as usual’.

  1.  We will be creating a dedicated Involvement Register email address for you to email your timesheets; travel claim forms (where no original tickets are attached); requests for further supplies of timesheets and travel claim forms; notification of change of address or bank details; payroll queries; requests for a reference, etc. to this email address.  We will notify you as soon as this email address is activated.
  2. You can also hand-deliver timesheets and travel claim forms, together with any other written requests to the Main Reception of the Maudsley Hospital.  The Reception staff will be holding an ‘Involvement Register’ envelope in which you can place your documents.  The envelope will be collected daily.
  3. You can post your timesheets and travel claim forms, together with any other written requests to ‘The Involvement Register, c/o the Post Room, Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8AZ’.
  4. Regrettably, timesheets can no longer be faxed through.
  5. Should you wish to make an appointment to meet with Gemma for any reason, eg. to present your DBS Declaration so that we may capture the details for our records, please do so by emailing her or by calling her on  020 3228 1592.  As the Involvement Register will no longer be based in the HR Department, please do not call into the HR Department after 17 September 2014 for any reason, as you may have done so previously.
  6. In order for Gemma to process your timesheets effectively, please ensure that they contain your name; your assignment number; the week commencing date (to be found in the top right-hand corner of the timesheet); the involvement activity description has been entered against the correct day of the week; the correct timings have been given; a relevant staff member has countersigned the timesheet and applied their respective budget code.  Failure to provide this information on your timesheet may result in delays to your payment(s) .

Thank you for following these arrangements and we hope that they don’t cause you too much disruption.

SLaM Recovery College and the Involvement Register

Hi D,

Apologies you have not received a reply.

I met with Gabrielle and Kirsty last week and I can clarify the following.

In terms of the Recovery College we have clarified there are three types of roles:

  1. Peer Recovery Trainers on Trust contracts (fixed hours):

If you are work for the Recovery College as a peer Recovery Trainer employed directly by the Trust, you can also do other involvement activity to a maximum of 30 hours on the IR per month

i.e. the contracted hours those people work for the recovery college are not included in IR hours.

  1. Associate Peer Recovery Trainers: on Trust contracts with no fixed hours but negotiated on a termly basis – If you work for the Recovery College as an Associate Peer Recovery Trainer employed directly by the Trust you can also do other involvement activity to a maximum of 30 hours on the IR per month

i.e. the contracted hours those people work for the recovery college are not included in IR hours.

  1. Sessional Peer Recovery Trainers: occasional sessional work (for example one workshop per term). These people can be paid through the involvement register and these hours will be part of the 30 hours per month involvement activity.

NB The Recovery College will try not to use ad-hoc self-employed providers unless they are external and we cannot source this expertise from within the Trust. It is intended that people who work for the Recovery College wherever possible, will be employed by the Recovery College for this work and not paid via the IR.

We recognise there will be some individual cases at present where people are applying for associate peer trainers posts who are currently being paid for recovery college work via the IR. We are working with them to bring this in line with the above.

Hope this helps D.

Best wishes


Biomedical Research Centre

We are looking for representatives to inform the work of the Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health (BRC-MH). The BRC-MH is based across the Institute of Psychiatry and SLaM, and is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). More information about the roles can be found in the attached documents.

Role description_Cluster representatives_Carers

Role description_Cluster representatives_Service users

We are looking for people who can provide a service user or carer perspective to the BRC programme. We are looking for people with an interest in research, and who are committed to improving biomedical research in mental health.

Further information about the BRC can be found on our website:


The Medical Schools Council – Call for Patient Focus Group Participants

The Medical Schools Council is looking for members of the public to take part in focus groups exploring patients’ expectations of doctors and their views on selecting medical students.  Please see below for further information.

Call for Patient Focus Group Participants

Please contact Thomas Marsh at 020 7419 5430 or


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) dicussion group

Hi there,

The Mental Health Foundation is seeking to gather together people who have used mental health services and carers of those who have used mental health services to hear their thoughts, ideas, feelings, comments on the subject of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

The group will meet on Tuesday 29th July 10:30am – 2:30pm at the Mental Health Foundation (Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX).

o   participants will be paid £25 each

o   all travel expenses will be covered

o   lunch will be provided

If you are interested in participating, please contact Jo Ackerman at the Mental Health Foundation and to complete the demographics form (anonymous).

More detailed information is available on request

Thanks so much to everyone who got involved in Mental Health Awareness 2014 – Are you Anxiety Aware?

Watch this Anxiety flashmob for a taste of the great activities people got up to around the UK.

Looking for stories

doorways flyer


Myhealthlocker is an online health record which is managed by YOU, the service user. This means that you can monitor your own health online. Myhealthlocker also contains resources like useful contact numbers, and tools to help with psychosis.

Myhealthlocker is still young and is improving all the time. But we need more people to use myhealthlocker and then give their views on it. Myhealthlocker is likely to be introduced across SLaM, and so this is an opportunity to shape the end product.

There are also some paid opportunities available to test other electronic devices and applications.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact a member of the myhealthlocker team:


Tel: 020 3228 3875

Or you can follow us on Twitter @myhealthlocker