Focus group training

The aim of any service user focus group is to glean service user perspectives within a particular service/theme in order to allow for service improvement to result.

We are developing our pool of service user consultants who are trained in facilitating focus groups and hope to run the next half day training session later this year.

More details here: About the focus group training

We will post again when we have funding and are ready to recruit our next intake, so do have a think if you or anyone you know might be interested.


NB1 You would need to join the SLaM involvement register in order to participate as a service user consultant.

NB2 This training is also available to other Trusts and organisations: please enquire for details, to

Involvement in meetings training

We are offering a two stage training course that will enable Service User Consultants to contribute effectively at meetings.

 ‘Service User Consultants aim to be the best and most appropriate people to work on committees.  In return we hope our work will offer us some personal development.’

 Types of meetings you could become involved in:

  • Involvement  meetings – these are good meetings to develop your skills in speaking up
  • Operational meetings – for people who prefer to talk about the day to day provision of services
  • Strategic meetings – these meetings look at policy, planning, targets and visions.

 Have your voice heard 

  • Actively listen to others
  • Be involved in decision making
  • Help shape services of the future