Mood, Anxiety & Personality Services – SLaM mental health service user and carer advisory group – summary of discussions – June 2013

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The departments that manage the services at South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust have ‘advisory groups’ where service users and carers come together to advise on and discuss developments.   The Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) department advisory group produces a brief summary of their discussions.  The purpose  is to let interested people know what is being discussed.  Please circulate as appropriate.

Briefing Sheet June 2013

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Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
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National Audit of Psychological Therapies – Service User Reference Group Recruitment

Data collection for the National Audit of Psychological Therapies for Anxiety and Depression has now been completed and we are busy analysing the data to produce some preliminary findings.

To help develop the recommendations from these preliminary findings we are preparing the data for two different sets of events in June and July:

  • On 27thJune 2013 we are meeting with our Advisory Group Members/Partner Organisations to draft the recommendations, which will form a key part of the National Report and how we take the learning from NAPT forward to make real and enduring improvements in the way psychological therapies are provided.
  • In July, we have planned three Service User Reference Groups to get feedback on whether the preliminary findings fit with service users’ experience and to get feedback on the recommendations we have drafted. Details of these events and answers to frequently asked questions are attached and summarized very briefly below.
Actions to support recruitment – NAPT Service User Reference Groups (July 2013):In order to ensure that these groups are well attended and thus service users’ views are heard we need your help please. We would be grateful if you could:

  • Include information about the groups, their purpose, the eligibility criteria and details of how to register in any publications or on website pages that are read by service users (I am happy to provide a brief couple of paragraphs)
  • Help us recruit through existing service user groups that you are aware of
  • Provide any contact details for service user groups or networks that would be able to help with recruitment
  • Share the attached information with any service users who you think would be interested in taking part
  • Pass these details onto all therapists so that they can share these details with any service users they think would be interested in taking part

We have a deadline of 21stJune 2013 for service users to register so I would appreciate any support in recruitment as soon as possible. Please can you email me with any ideas for recruitment as I am really keen that this vital part of NAPT is as well attended as possible.


The Service User Reference Groups are being held in London, Manchester and Cardiff


Saturday 6th July in London (10am-1.30pm)

Saturday 13th July in Manchester (10am-1.30pm)

Saturday 27th July in Cardiff (10am-1.30pm)


To share the NAPT preliminary findings with service user’s and get their feedback on whether these fit with their own experience of psychological therapy and use service user feedback to inform NAPT’s recommendations.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 18 years old or older (there is no upper age limit and we are particularly interested to hear from people over 65 years of age)
  • Currently having or have had psychological therapy/talking treatment for depression and/or anxiety within the past year (this includes therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias or panic attacks)
  • Lives in or near London, Cardiff or Manchester.

Payment for attendance:

We will reimburse service users £50 for their time as well as any reasonable travel expenses. Lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day at no cost to the attendees.

Registration of interest:

Service users can register their attendance in one of three ways:

NAPT SU Reference Groups FAQs July 2013

SU Poster March 29-4-2013 A4

Service user and carer advisory group – mental health services for mood, anxiety & personality disorder – March summary of discussions


The Service User and carer Advisory Group is part of the Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) Clinical Academic Group – an organisational structure which manages services for mood, anxiety & personality disorder across the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). The Advisory Group members have experience of using mental health services or are family members or carers of people who do.  They meet every month and work with the senior management of the mood, anxiety & personality disorder services to keep the views of service users at the heart of all service developments and improvements.

I have attached the briefing from the March MAP CAG service user/carer advisory group meeting – this summarises the discussions that were held.. Please do print off and make available to service users/carers/user groups etc.

1)Four service user consultants were present at the March meeting, plus the Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) Lead, the clinical governance project officer, MAP services managers from Croydon and Southwark and the Strategic PPI Lead for the Trust. Apologies were received from 3 members.

2)We heard that, following the recent recruitment exercise 11 new service user/carer consultants would be joining the group. We discussed the introductory meeting to be held in April and agreed that it was important not to give too much information ,and to give people an opportunity to get to know each other.

3) We heard about the plans to take forward the review of the involvement register and highlighted the need for service user consultant representation on the management group overseeing this work. We also noted the importance of developing pathways through involvement and good support systems for those people who are regularly  undertaking involvement work.

4) We heard about a new piece of work to improve the experience of people in reception areas. One of the new members of the advisory group is working with the clinical governance project officer on this.

5) We discussed the importance of giving a clear message to people using psychological therapy services about when information may need to be shared if there is a risk to self or others. We agreed that this could be taken up in more detail by the psychological therapy teams patient information working group.

6) A member fed back about the plans of the psychological therapies service user experience group to hold a focus group to check out their proposed quality indicators and some formats for questionnaires.

7) The Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma have asked for support in running a focus group to explore their satisfaction survey results. A member of the advisory group will be co-facilitating the focus group.

8) We heard how the MAP community teams in Croydon were gaining feedback from the Hear Us linkworkers and satisfaction questionnaires. We suggested that they run a service user forum to get ideas about how this feedback can be turned into improvements. Members of the advisory group would be happy to assist. We also highlighted the importance of letting people know the outcome of satisfaction questionnaires.

PDF version here: Briefing Sheet Mar 2013

With best wishes,


Alice Glover
Patient & Public Involvement Lead
Mood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG

email: tel: 020 3228 0959

113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

psychological medicine cag service user & carer advisory group briefing

Hello Everyone,

here is an overview of what the SLaM psychological medicine clinical academic group service user & carer advisory group discussed at its february meeting:   Please distribute the attachment as appropriate.

1. Five service user/carer consultants were present at the February meeting. Also present were the Patient & Public Involvement Lead, the Equalities Manager from SLaM, Coordinator from ‘Four in Ten’ and a Clinical Service Lead from SLaM. 2 service user consultants and 4 staff members sent apologies.

2. We agreed that 2 members of our group would go to the governance executive meeting in May. This is a management group which oversees the quality of services. The meeting will focus on patient experience in the Triage wards. We will make sure that we take the views and experiences of people who have used Triage wards to the meeting.

3. We heard that the carers group at the Lishman Unit was continuing. A member of our group has continued to support the group and funding is being sought so that she can be a more regular contributor. The Lishman Unit has also been using the data from the satisfaction surveys to identify areas where they can improve. Activities on the ward have been highlighted as an area to work on.

4. The equalities manager outlined how SLaM needs to consider how provision of services and changes to them may impact differently on both service users and staff in relation to the following ‘protected’ characteristics: Age, gender, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, ethnicity, pregnancy, marital status and religion/belief. We were invited to read and comment on the recent report about progress in this area. We will also be informed of the forthcoming process to set equality objectives for the year.

5. We met Peter, the project co-ordinator of Four in Ten which is a service user group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) SLaM service users. We hope that membersof Four in Ten will be able to feedback their concerns about psychological medicine CAG services to our group for consideration. We will make sure that the group receives this briefing sheet.

6. We heard about the progress of the Southwark Peer Support Project.

7. We heard about the Lewisham Carers working group, where again, patient confidentiality and what can be shared with family and carers was raised as a problematic issue. A suggestion was made about having an advance directive identifying what the service user was happy for the carer to be informed about. There has been positive feedback about the carers’ information pack that is being developed by advisory group members.

8. We heard about a stakeholder meeting in Lewisham run by the clinical commissioning group. An advisory group member had attended and highlighted mental health service user concerns around crisis care and the apparent trend of discharging people back to primary care. 3 members of the group have agreed to attend a similar meeting in Lambeth.

9. A group member raised concerns about the systems in place to ensure good practice by the police when dealing with mental health service users.

As ever, the group is interested to hear the views and feedback of people who use SLaM  emergency access services (such as home treatment services, a&e psychiatric liaison), complex care services (such as eating disorders, chronic fatigue, mother & baby services) and neurosciences services (such as brain injury).

pdf version here: psych med advisory group briefing – february 2013

With Best wishes,


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG

email: tel: 020 3228 0959

113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

NHS to pay 100 private health care firms to treat patients

More than 100 private firms will be paid by the NHS to treat patients as part of the first major expansion of the private sector’s role in the health service, it emerged last night.

Healthcare firms will provide basic services such as physiotherapy, dermatology, MRI scanning and psychological therapy after being granted “any qualified provider” (AQP) status.

Department of Health figures show that 105 private firms and 140 NHS organisations, mainly hospital trusts, have been approved by PCTs and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

But the scale of the private sector’s foray into the NHS was last night criticised by senior doctors amid fears that existing NHS services could close.

The government and private companies, some of which already earn up to £200m a year each from NHS-funded work, defended the scheme, saying it was an opportunity to provide new services.

Some private firms, such as InHealth, Specsavers and Virgin Care have already taken advantage of the controversial extension of competition to establish new services, the Guardian reported.

“This is about offering patients more choice, control and driving up the quality of their care, and the idea that this will have a negative impact on health care and patients is nonsense,” he said.

Meeting about SLaM psychological therapy services in Lambeth

Community Psychological Therapy Services Follow up Meeting

In March, Lambeth LINk and the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust held a joint public meeting to discuss the changes made to psychological therapy service.  Come along to this follow up meeting to find out more details about the new Lambeth Integrated Psychological Therapy Team and to discuss how you can continue to feed into the development of the new service.

Thursday 11th October  6 – 8pm     Lambeth Accord, 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA

Nearest Underground:  Brixton     Buses: 133,159, 3, 59 (Villa Road stop)

For further information and to book a place, contact the Lambeth LINk Team on 020 7274 8522