Four in Ten Steering Group Thursday 29 May 12pm to 1.30pm at 113 Denmark Hill Conference Room

Hello everyone,

A quick reminder about the next Four in Ten Steering Group on Thursday 29 May from 12pm to 1.30pm at 113 Denmark Hill.

Main agenda items will focus on updates on our complaints leaflet, initial findings from the Staff BASK survey and feedback from service users. I will send out minutes of the last meeting, along with agenda early next week, but for now, please find attached:

April to June Programme for Four in Ten Peer Support Group: 2014 April to June

Poster for Four in Ten Peer Support Group: Four in Ten Poster 2013

It would be great if you could circulate these widely, print off and pin to notice boards in services, and make available to service users.

I am also attaching,

A flyer for SLaM Equalities Partnership Time event on Thursday 5 June from 1pm to 5.30pm at ORTUS – it’s a fantastic opportunity for service users to get involved in conversations about equalities issues at SLaM: SLaM Equality Partnership Time Event Flyer – Thursday 5th June 2014

A presentation of slides from Katherine Rimes on an investigation LGB service users of Southwark Psychological Service which was discussed at our March Steering Group: LGB SPTS Audit – Powerpoint Presentation 24 03 2014 KR

I hope you all have a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Thanks Peter

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

The Metro Centre Ltd

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SE11 5JH

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HearUs Open Forum Meeting 4th February 2014

Matthew McKenzie covered this meeting for us.  He did an excellent job!


YouTube video blog:

Audio Blog:

Transcript of audio and video blog:

Thank you for doing such a great job Matthew!

Calling all Trans* People


In partnership with Four in Ten and SLaM, the METRO is seeking out Trans* people who use South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM) services:

However you see your Trans* identity, if you use SLaM Services, we want to hear from you!

Flyer here: Trans Consultation

We want to find out about your experiences of using SLaM services

  • What worked well and less well
  • How SLaM can better meet your individual needs
  • How you want to be involved in the future

To get involved, contact our worker Peter, for an informal chat.

Contact Peter on

Or call 07711 258 376

We also attach our Four in Ten Programme. Four in Ten is SLaM’s LGBT Peer Support Group, which is open to all LGBT people who have or are currently experiencing mental health problems here: 2013 Oct to Dec Programme

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

The Metro Centre Ltd

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Message from the Chair of Southwark LGBT Network

Dear Colleagues,

Southwark Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Forum would like to invite you to join the Forum and Councillor Dixon-Fyle to discuss issues affecting Southwark’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans youth on Thursday 10th October 18:30-21:00 at Southwark Council Offices, Tooley Street. It would great to have CCG representation there, especially as you may be aware that LGBT youth mental health issues and the lack of support has been a recurrent issue at previous health meetings.

The meeting will be chaired by the Forum Chair, Dr Justin Varney, and we have invited two external organisations to give brief overviews of the issues affecting LGB&T youth to prompt the discussion. We have invited representatives from schools across Southwark to join us, as well as the Police, Councillors from across the Council and Clinical Commissioning Group.

As you may recall from the LGBT Network delegation to the Council Assembly, there is strong evidence of increased rates of bullying, discrimination and health inequalities affecting LGBT youth, with some research showing that:

  • Over half (56%) of LGB young people have deliberately harmed themselves.
  • Young people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual are twice as likely to have smoked than their heterosexual peers
  • More than 2 in 5 LGB pupils who experience homophobic bullying skip school because of it.
  • 1 in 4 trans young people experienced physical abuse at school
  • Several US large-scale youth health risk surveys have found that LGB youth were at least twice as likely as their peers to have conceived

There is no data on chlamydia diagnoses among LGB&T people aged 15-24. However, men who have sex with men are 11 times more likely to have chlamydia than their heterosexual peers

Forum meetings are public meetings which provide an opportunity to focus on how the public sector in Southwark can work towards addressing the needs of the Boroughs diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community. Previous meetings have focused on older people, health, crime and housing.

Best wishes


Dr Justin Varney

Chair, Southwark LGBT Network

Four in ten news and autumn programme

Hello everyone,

Four in Ten Poster 2013

Our new autumn programme is a veritable mix of queer Four in Ten-ness! Oct to Dec 2013 Programme

We finally move to a new venue space at InSpire at the Crypt, St Peters Church in Liverpool Grove, just off Walworth Road by Iceland. See the special map attached! Move to InSpire

With a health and wellbeing theme, our grant from Camberwell Community Council has been put to good use. We have two exciting tutors coming to the group. Maria from Singing for Health is helping us to use our voice to tell our stories with an interesting mix of body percussion and sound! Tae is working with us on a drama project which will help us find new and different ways to express our feelings.

Billy has been working with the group over the last few weeks on a photography project, so over the next few weeks we will be deciding which photos will be used in our photography exhibition!

We also have a great theatre trip lined up for October. Tickets will be limited, so get in touch if you want to come!

Bye for now, and pop down and see us at our new venue!

Speak soon Peter

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

The Metro Centre Ltd

N106 Westminster Business Square

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SE11 5JH

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To Russia with Love – Four in Ten LGBT Peer Support Group Speak Out About Rising Homophobia and Transphobia in Russia

Stephen Fry’s recent open letter to David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) describing the worsening situation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people in Russia as reminiscent of Berlin circa 1939 and the persecution of the Jews has brought international attention to this issue. Calling for the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014 to be moved, Fry outlines how Putin’s attack on gay people is against the Olympic oaths for which the games are meant to promote – humanity, peace, anti-discrimination.

In June of this year, Putin introduced the ‘anti-propaganda’ law which forbids the promotion of non traditional relations  to young people with punishment by large fines and imprisonment. What this has meant in practice is that speaking the word ‘gay’ is now a criminal act. LGBT people risk loosing their jobs, gay people are censored from public life, trans people are targeted by gangs of men and there has been a shocking rise in assaults targeting LGBT people. Most troubling of all are the stories of neo-Nazi groups posting videos and photo’s on the internet of shocking abuse of young gay men who are subjected to public humiliation, abuse and torture, leaving them traumatised, leading to a number of deaths from suicide and as a result of their injuries.

We often think that, in the UK with an equal age of consent for gay people, laws banning the discrimination of LGBT people, civil partnership rights and soon to be enacted same sex marriage, that equality for LGBT people here is certain. However, the fact of the matter is that LGBT people in the UK, and in London in particular, still face high levels of hate crime.

GALOP, a leading LGBT community safety charity, recently released new research findings that showed that there were over 1000 homophobic crimes in London in 2012/13 and 50 transphobic crimes. Although this represents a large reduction on previous reports of homophobic and transphobic incidents, the British Crime Survey still shows that 1 in 8 LGBT people experience hate crime. GALOP’s findings also showed that almost two thirds hate crime don’t get reported.  Overall, there has been a slight drop to 43% of homophobic crimes which are solved and a very poor 6% of transphobic crimes.

What is most concerning about all this – the rise of homophobic and transphobic crime in Russia and the on-going high levels of hate crime here is the impact this has on LGBT mental health and wellbeing. Four in ten LGBT people will experience mental health problems in their lifetime – against one in four of the general population.

The irrational fear and hatred of LGBT people, the rise in attacks, the state sanctioning of discrimination against LGBT people, the outlawing of talking about being LGBT, or that LGBT people have equal value to heterosexual people, we all have personal experience of this to a certain extent. We are acutely aware of how this contributed to our own deteriorating mental health and wellbeing and sense of isolation as a result of stigma and discrimination.

We are speaking out about this issue because we want LGBT people, where ever they are, to live free from discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. We hope that by bringing attention to this issue, not only are we raising awareness of the plight of our brothers and sisters in Russia, but we are also bringing attention to the issue that homophobia, and transphobia – whether its violence targeted at LGBT people, or simply making us invisible – contributes to negative mental health and wellbeing and we urge you to stand with us and challenge this were ever it takes place.

Four in Ten is SLaM’s LGBT Peer Support Group which meets every Tuesday evening between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. It is open to all LGBT people with mental health problems.

The Four in Ten Project is a three year LGBT Equalities Project led by Metro Centre and funded by Maudsley Charity to improve the experience of LGBT service users at SLaM.

To find out more contact Peter Vittles on 07711 376 258 or email

LGBT? Please share your views on Mental Health

Why do some people struggle with their mental health and others don’t? Your opinions are needed. 

Research has shown that compared to their heterosexual counterparts:

•     LGBT youth are more likely to attempt suicide

•     Lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to have alcohol related problems

•     Gay and bisexual men are more likely to have body image disorders

The RaRE (Risk and Resilience Explored) Survey last month and will compare the mental health of LGBT people with non-LGBT people through a series of questions designed to identify the risk factors and protective factors associated with positive and poor mental health.  Factors under study include relationships, drug use, presence or absence of family support and self-esteem.

Margaret Unwin, Chief Executive of PACE said: “We anticipate that the project will provide new insights into the mental health of the LGBT community. The ultimate aim of the project is to change support programmes and influence local and national policy and practice.”

Professor Elizabeth Peel of Worcester University, member of the RaRE Academic Panel said:

“PACE is working with a range of stakeholders on this important project.  We hope to get 2000 people to complete the survey so that we have a robust piece of research that will contribute significantly to knowledge of this issue.”

PACE’s RaRE project is funded by the Big Lottery and partners include Aston, Worcester, London South Bank and Brunel Universities, and continues until mid 2014.

All people aged 18 years or over, of any sexuality, living in England are invited to participate in the study, which takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Click on the link to complete the survey:

#RT via via Matthew

Spring Southwark LGBT Network Newsletter

The Beyond Barriers Mentoring Project

The Beyond Barriers Mentoring Project is a free support service for older LGBT carers and former carers living or working in  the London boroughs of Merton, Croydon, Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Sutton.

If you provide any help or support to someone such as a loved one, friend, neighbour, relative or anyone who may not be able to cope on their own without you, then you are entitled to our free service.

Our trained LGBT volunteers can provide emotional support and companionship to those carers who may be feeling lonely and isolated and would like someone neutral to talk to for advice and support. We may be able to help you find other services that you might be entitled to including benefits and carers assessments.

We are always looking for people who may be interested in becoming volunteers as well as those who feel they might like some ongoing support from a mentor. If you or someone you know might be interested in more information, please give Debbie a call.

Flyer here: Beyond Barriers Mentoring Service

Debbie Robertson-Neil – 020 8648 9677 or

Gay/Bisexual Partner Bereavement Research

I am writing to you to see if you would be able to offer us any assistance with our research we are undertaking here at the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. We are undertaking research into gay/bisexual male partner bereavement and was hoping whether you would be able to assist us with recruitment and/or advertisement.

As you will probably know this area has not been researched to any great extent and we are trying to address this issue in research. We feel this work could hold positive implications for both LGBT bereavement and health services in the UK and possibly overseas.

We are looking to recruit gay/bisexual men who have been in a same sex relationship for at least 2 years and have been bereaved.. The interview will be undertaken by myself at a place entirely decided upon by the man being interviewed. This can be at their own home, at a community centre or even here at the University if they wish. We feel as we are undertaking the research it is only fair we should travel to meet the men but they are welcome to travel to Liverpool University too if they wish.

The interview it is expected will last around 1 and 2 hours but obviously this entirely depends on the individual. Unfortunately, because this is my PhD study we are unable to pay the participants for their attendance in this study. We would if we could reimburse participants costs but unfortunately we do not have the funding to do this as as this is my PhD research and I am self funded.

This experience I feel should be a positive one for many of the men as I suspect several of them will not have had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences of partner loss before. I have attached several pieces of information for you including the participant information sheet (to see what the participant sees before they are interviewed) and an e-copy of the recruitment posters.

I can also send you as many hard copies of the posters in the post as you wish if you are able to assist us with this research. You can also see a link to our research online at This research is also on Twitter

I hope you will be able to offer us assistance with this valuable research.

Best wishes,

Steven Piatczanyn

PhD Psychology Researcher

University of Liverpool

Institute of Psychology, Health and Society

Department of Psychological Sciences

Room 280, Second Floor

Eleanor Rathbone Building

Bedford Street South

Liverpool, L69 7ZA

Telephone: 0151 794 1401

Internal: 41401

Mobile: 07955 860685




Four in Ten – SLaM’s lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) service user group

Four in Ten – The Movie 2: Film workshop icon

Flyer here: 4 in 10 Film Making Flyer

Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans and use mental health services? Want to get involved in the next Four in Ten film? Come to our next workshop on Tuesday 30 April, 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Call Peter on  07711 376 258 or email

Four in Ten April and May Programme: April May Programme 2013

Check out Four in Ten’s latest programme. SLaM’s LGBT serice user group meets weekly at Maudsley Hospital on Tuesday evening between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. The group also plan regular trips and events. If you are LGBT and want to get involved, why not pop down and see us.

4 in 10 poster

Four in Ten LGBT service user group is open to all LGBT people who experaince mental health problems or use mental health serivces. Four in Ten is a service user-led LGBT group that offers LGBT people with mental health problems a safe space to socialise, get and give peer support, plan trips and events, and gain new skills.

Four in Ten works closely with SLaM and The Metro, an LGBT Community Centre in South London on a unique project to improve the experaince of LGBT people of SLaM’s services. This project is developing a range of initiaties such as setting up a project Steering Group made up of Metro and SLaM staff and service users, a development tool to measure changes in behaviour, skills and knowledge of staff (the results of which will inform staff LGBT training programme), and setting up mechanisms which generalise LGBT servcie user experiance and use this to feed in to Trust-wide serice improvement and LGBT policy.

If you are LGBT and use mental health services, why not get in touch.

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

The Metro Centre Ltd

N106 Westminster Business Square

1-45 Durham Street


SE11 5JH

Tel : 020 8305 5000

Mob: 07711 376 258

Fax: 020 8305 5001

‘Improving Mental Health Support for LGBT People’

April Event

Four in Ten, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust’s (SLaM) LGBT Service User Group hosts an evening event on Tuesday 16 April, 5.30pm to 7.30pm at the Ability Media Centre, 56 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0AS to discuss the issues and challenges faced by LGBT people experiencing mental distress and exploring ideas for service improvement.

Speakers include Dr Martin Baggely, Medical Director, SLaM, Dr Jonty Heaversedge, Public and Engagement Lead, Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Joanna Semlyen, Senior Lecturer, Metropolitan University and Margaret Unwin, Chief Executive at PACE.

The programme will include a screening of ‘Four in Ten’, a short film about the lives of LGBT service users at SLaM made in 2011. This film, along with the dedication and commitment of members of Four in Ten, lead to the creating of the Four in Ten Project, delivered in partnership with SLaM, the Metro Centre and Four in Ten to improve the experience of LGBT service users at SLaM.

To book a place email or call 07711 376 258

Date: 16 April 2013

Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Venue: The Ability Media Centre, 56 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AS

Google Map:

Public Access: (venue address, contact number, parking, local bus and tube info)

Funded by: Southwark LGBT Network Small Grants Programme with Southwark Council

About our Speakers

The panel discussion will be chaired by Dr Jonty Heaversedge, a local Southwark GP and Patient and Public Engagement Lead at the Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group. Dr Jonty has a keen interest in mental wellbeing issues and is co-author of The Mindfulness Manifesto.

Martin Baggaley is the Medical Director of SLaM and lead for Clinical Governance and a consultant psychiatrist in the Psychosexual and Relationship service . He has a special interest in gender identity disorder and has written extensively on psycosexual issues. Martin Baggely is a keen supporter of the Four in Ten Project, lending his endorsement to the projects application for funding to SLaM Charitable Trust.

Dr Joanna Semlyen is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Metropolitan University and has written extensively on LGBT mental health issues. Her research interests include sexuality, health and health experience, Hetronormativity and health, LGB mental health. Joanna co-published ‘A systematic review of mental disorder, suicide, and deliberate self harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people’ which found that LGB people are at higher risk of mental disorder, suicidal ideation, substance misuse, and deliberate self harm than heterosexual people.

Margaret Unwin is Chief Executive at PACE, Project for Advice, Counselling and Education, an LGBT health charity in London. PACE has been funded by the Big Lottery to undertake a major research study on inequalities in mental health in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in England.  The project, entitled the RaRE study, Risk and Resilience Explored is being undertaken at PACE in partnership with academics from Brunel, Aston and South Bank Universities. The study started in 2010 and will be completed in 2015.

16 April revised flier

Four in Ten, SLaM’s LGBT Service User Group LGBT History Month Update

Film Screening ‘Queen’s Evidence’ – Thursday 28 February 

5.00pm to 7pm at 1st Floor, Marina house, 63-65 Denmark Hill, SE 5 8RS

You are invited to join Four in Ten LGBT Service User Group’s LGBT History Month event – screening of ‘Queens Evidence’ by Clare Summerskill, followed by a service user-led discussion on the themes raised in the film. Clare Summerskill, Stand Up Comedien, Queens Evidence is a series of dramitised recollections of older LGBT people and looks at the relationship between the police and the LGBT community over the last 60 to 70 years.

Clare has been described by Radio 4 Woman’s Hour as “A Lesbian Victoria Wood!” and by What’s On Magazine as “One of the funniest women in the country.” Clare performs an original cocktail of stand-up and comedy songs to mainly Gay and Lesbian audiences up and down the country and has even been known to make straight people chuckle just a little bit! She brings “Dyke” humour to the forefront of alternative comedy! For several years she has appeared on the LGBT comedy and cabaret circuit.

See the flyer attached.  Four in Ten LGBT History Month Film Screening. If you would like to come email Peter on or call 07711 376 258

Other news from Four in Ten

Four in Ten Group Night 

4 in 10 poster

Feb March Programme (3)

Four in Ten currently meets in the Jane Fielding Room at Maudsley Hospital on Tuesday evening from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The group offers LGBT people who have or are currently experiencing mental distress a safe place to meet and socialise, get and give peer support, take part in activities and discussions, get involved in Trust wide initiatives, and contribute to the Four in Ten Project to improve LGBT service user’s experience of Trust wide services. You could help promote the group in your service, at your team meetings, to service users, User Involvement Groups by downloading and printing our Four in Ten programme and poster and giving to staff, service users or pinning on your notice board or making available in your nearest waiting area or service user event.

LGBT History Month Articles for SLaM Staff Enews

Four in Ten have been marking History Month with a series of news articles in SLaM Staff Enews. The final history month article goes out next Monday and will include some key facts about LGBT mental health issues and practical steps that staff can take to deliver more LGBT inclusive services. Our final History Month instalment is next Monday – so keep an eye out! If you want copies of our articles featured in this series then email Peter on

LGBT History Month event, 16 April

5.30pm to 7.30pm At Ability Media Centre, 65 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AS

With a small grant from Southwark LGBT Network, Four in Ten will screen their 2011 film and invite a panel of speakers to examine the issues and challenges faced by LGBT people in mental distress who use services and how services can improve. The event will be chaired by Jonty Heversedge, Patient and Public Engagement Lead for Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group and we have invited a number of speakers, including clinicians from SLaM and mental health commissioners from the CCG. It would be great to have your support at this event (flyer ready soon).

Four in Ten Project Steering Group

The Four in Ten Project is overseen by a Steering Group that meets bi-monthly to ensure that the project elements are delivered and any issues raised and problem solved. The group is made up of service users and staff, who can comment and contribute to the delivery of the project. The Steering Group would welcome the contribution of staff and service users. To find out more or come to the next meeting on Thursday 28 March from 12pm to 1.30pm at Room 1, The Felix Post Unit, Maudsley contact Peter on 07711 376 258 or email

Steering Group Mailing List

The Steering Group recognises that SLaM staff and service users are incredibly busy (but no less committed!) people and would love to be kept up to date with what is going on with the Project and Group. Perhaps you would are interested in attending a particular meeting because an agenda item is right up your street, or you want to get involved in a particular event, or for any other reason you want to know what’s happening, then you are invited to join the mailing list. Again, just pop Peter an email to

Other news from Four in Ten

•       For the first time ever, the Group have been awarded a small grant from Southwark Community Council Fund 2013 to deliver a programme of wellbeing workshops in 2013/14 covering a range of topics, including; Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Aroma Therapy and Fitness. We will keep you updated on when these will take place!

•       The Group have a small amount of money from SLaM to produce a trifold leaflet to promote the various elements of the Four in Ten Project – the group and its activities, our partnership with Metro, our Equalities work on LGBT issues within SLaM and involvement mechanisms via the Steering Group. This will be made available for services with in SLaM and to groups and organistions in South East London. Let us know if you want some mailed to you!

•       The group are developing a new short film over the coming months and hope this will be ready in time for a screening in the week before London Pride 2013. If you are LGBT and use mental health services and have something to say, get in touch with us on 07711 376 258

•       The group is busy planning our next newsletter and hope this will be ready in time for London Pride. We are looking for budding writers to put pen to paper (or fingertip-to-keyboard!) and get featured in our next edition. Call us or send us your story by 20 April!

About The Four in Ten Project

Funded by SLaM Charitable Trust and delivered in partnership with the Metro Centre and Four in Ten LGBT Service User Group, SLaM is working to improve the experience of LGBT service users across the Trust with a number of initiatives over the next few years, including:

•       Improving LGBT service user involvement at SLaM by strengthening the Four in Ten service user group

•       Setting up a steering group for LGBT service users to meet regularly with SLaM staff

  • Provide opportunities for LGBT people who use services opportunities to get involved in SLaM service improvements

•       Developing a survey for staff on their awareness of LGBT issues

•       Providing LGBT training to staff aimed at improving service user experience

•       Improving LGBT policy and LGBT data collection across the trust

  • Strengthen arrangements for reporting homophobic and transphobic incidents experienced by our service users

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

1st Floor, Marina house, 63-65 Denmark Hill  SE 5 8RS

Mob: 07711 376 258

A creative project for service users who identify as LGBT

Hello there,

My name is Dolly Sen and I am a SLAM service user and writer, film-maker and artist. To see the things I have done you can go to my website:

I have been asked to submit a funding bid to start a creative project for service users who identify as LGBT, and some of the ideas that were suggested was an arts exhibition, a book, or film, with accompanying workshops, but could be anything creative.

So basically I am asking LGBT service users what creative activity or event they would like to participate in, so as to get an idea what people would like.

Drop me a line at and thank you in advance!