Overload Mental Health Film Project – Age Exchange

‘Overload’ Film Project By Age Exchange

See all of the below info in this graphical poster! CLICK HERE:Overload Film Project

Are you interested in being involved in making a film? Here’s your opportunity to contribute your story and/or be involved in the production. No special skills required.

‘Overload’ (working title), will be a film about how modern day living in *South London affects peoples’ senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, thought  processes, feelings, memory and sense of space.

The film will be based on people’s accounts of mild to severe effects of ‘Overload’.

South London and Maudsley NHS Charitable trust has funded Age Exchange to work with Cooltan Arts and filmmaker Ivan Riches to make this film, which will be shown at the BFI in November 2011.

If you think you might be interested in being involved please come along to  learn more about what’s involved. Please RSVP as there are only 20 places for this meeting.

* (SLAM Trust funding for this project is for people who live in or use Mental Health Services in: Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark)

Meeting plus lunch:
Venue: Cooltan Arts
Date: 31.5.2011
Time: 12 noon – 3pm
For more information please contact:
Ivan Riches.
Tel: 07808 366269 or 01462 615224
Email: ivan.riches@ntlworld.com
Age Exchange
11 Blackheath Village
London SE3 9LA
Tel: 020 8318 9105

Involvement in Developing Electronic Personal Health Records

Involvement in Developing Electronic Personal Health Records

What are Electronic Personal Health Records?
An electronic personal health record is an online website (or portal) where service users have password protected access to their personal electronic health profile. A service user can view, edit and share aspects of their health information via their profile and this can be done in a private, secure and confidential environment.

SLaM is currently developing a pilot to introduce electronic personal health records with the Psychosis CAG and is putting together a Patient/Staff Advisory Group. The overall purpose of this group will be to advise on how best to roll out electronic personal health records and to think about potential advantages and challenges.

For more information about this programme, click here: http://www.slam.nhs.uk/news/latest-news/microsoft-and-maudsley-join-up-to-develop-a-world-first-for-mental-health-care.aspx

For more information about this opportunity and to learn in more detail about the role, simply view the roles poster – CLICK HERE:eMPOWERMENT SU Consultant Role Description

Contact details and further instructions can be found in the document linked above.
For further info please contact Nin Pandit 07773388752, email Ninjeri.Pandit@slam.nhs.uk

Southwark Mind’s Service Users Consultation Event

!Southwark Mind wants to know what YOU think!- have your say on how to improve its projects and the organisation work!
A great chance to get to exercise your input with a fantastic mental health lobbying and awareness charity!

When: 3rd June 2011, 10.30-3 Where: Chumleigh Gardens Burgess Park, Camberwell, SE5 0RJ
Delicious lunch provided 
MAP OF LOCATION: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=SE5+0RJ&aq=&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=13.440126,43.286133&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=London+SE5+0RJ,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.483147,-0.083964&spn=0.006908,0.021136&z=16

Perhaps you would benefit from the event due to the below:
Have you ever used Southwark Mind services? Such as:
• User council meeting?
• Women’s forum?
• Kindred mind’s groups?
• Cuckoo club?
• Hearing voices group?
What do you think about Southwark Mind’s newsletter publication and how it communicates with you?
Come to this consultation day and let Southwark Mind where its strengths are and how it can improve. Your feedback is important and will be used in the organisation’s Business Planning Day the results of which will be reported in its newsletter publication.

Fore more information on this event and to find out details about Quality Management and you can also get invovled with this then please see this poster from the organisation – CLICK HERE:Southwark Mind’s Service Users Consultation Event 2011

Latest Edition of COSMO! By service users for service users.

Find attached to this Post the Latest Edition of COSMO!

This is a publication produced by Lewisham service users for service users. It aims to provide information about local activities/ events, reports on peoples experiences and recovery journey’s and aims to help in tackling the discrimation and stigma experienced by people who have had mental health problems.

Take a look at the latest edition by CLICKING HERE:COSMO Issue 8

If anybody would like to recommend ideas to feature in the next newsletter, all submissionswill be warmly welcomed.
You can contact us at Email: cosnewsletter@live.co.uk.

Psychosis CAG, Service User Consultant sought for Care Pathways WorkC

Psychosis Clinical Academic Group, Service User Consultant, Care Pathways

Are you passionate about improving care for people in mental health services?
Do you have experience of getting feedback from service users?
Are you comfortable working alongside managers and service users?
Would you like to help design the Psychosis Care Pathways?

This role is to be a member of the “Service User Advisory Group” which will advise the Psychosis CAG Executive Team. Currently there is a focus on “Care Pathways”, which outline which treatments are used at each stage in someone’s journey through services.
Its a great opportunity for someone to step forward who may have opinions about the way the mental health treatment cycle should be structured for patients.

What will be expected of you?
– Attendance of the quarterly Service User Advisory Group
– Attendance of the meetings for the pathway you work on and do work in between meetings for
– Support managers to consult with service users and work with local user groups
– Help staff consider the relevance of care pathway issues to service users

This role will be best suited to someone with:
– Experience of using mental health services
– A real passion for helping develop care pathways
– Experience of meetings
– Experience of consulting with services users
– Ability to think about others’ experiences

What are the hours?
Up to 2 hours per week for at least 6 months.

How do you apply?
First, have a look at the role description CLICK HERE:Role Description – Service User Care Pathways Consultant – Deadline 7th June 2011 and power-point presentation CLICK HERE:Service User Advisory & Care Pathway Roles Presentation

For more information and If you are interested in applying contact:
Please note that deadlines for applications being received are the7th June 2011

Anne Kirby, Patient and Public Involvement Lead for the Psychosis CAG:
Email:anne.kirby@slam.nhs.uk Telephone:07989652482

Planning for a 2011 Mental Health & Wellbeing Event in Lewisham

Get involved with Planning for a 2011 Mental Health & Wellbeing Event to take place in Lewisham!

Lewisham Service user or carer consultants are being sought for this opening whom have an interest in planning events.
This date for the event is not yet confirmed but is envisaged as taking place in October or November 2011.
Meetings will be held in Catford . The event itself is at The Civic Suite in Catford

You will work alongside staff from mental health services and the primary care trust in the detailed planning of an annual stakeholders event. Requirements will including attending regular planning meetings giving ideas and feedback on the development and shape the event ought to take. There may be opportunities for doing some related work in between the meetings.

The kind of people desirable will:
• Have an understanding of mental health services in Lewisham.
• Be able and willing to attend regular (initially monthly, then becoming more frequent) meetings.
• Be interested or experienced in the detailed planning of large events.

It is vital to have the service user/carer perspective when developing and planning a stakeholder event such as the one proposed.
The meetings are informal and support will be offered to people involved in the work. This could also be a voluntary opportunity for people wanting to build experience and confidence.

For more information and to see a poster retaining graphical displays about the event CLICK HERE:Planning – Mental Health & Wellbeing Event for Lewisham

Attendance at the meetings can be paid through the involvement register. Other activity may be on a voluntary basis.

For an informal chat about what might be involved or for more information please contact: Alice Glover 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk

Sydenham Garden seeks Trustees to transform organisation.

A chance to join a board of governing trustees to boost your CV and credentials while giving your skills to a great organisation.

Sydenham Garden aims to transform lives through therapeutic activities, enabling people living with significant illness to move forward in a supportive community environment. Since 2002 it has provided art and crafts and horticultural opportunities to co-workers (our beneficiaries) from Lewisham and Bromley. In 2010 the organisation moved into a new resource centre which provides an inspiring base for an expansion of the charitie’s activities.

The organisation is seeking to strengthen its Trustee board with new members seeking particular skills in finance, human resources, therapeutic work and experience as a user of services.

For more information and an application pack please contact Marie – Email: marie@sydenhamgarden.org.uk . Please indicate which of the above roles you would be seeking to fill.
To arrange an informal discussion please contact the Dr Jim Sikorski, Chair of Trustees – Email: j.sikorski@nhs.net

For more information and to find out more about what the organisation does visit: http://www.sydenhamgarden.org.uk

Thou Art – Film Screening @ Tate Modern only £5 No Concessions – well worth it

‘Thou Art’ a film screening of community art practice and debate on Outsider Art
Tate Modern Starr Auditorium

When? –
Friday 10 June 14.30-16.00

The event will start with a screening of “Thou Art” – a research and development film project exploring community-based art practice and its links to well-being and progression opportunities in the lives of mental health service users.

A panel discussion will follow about the status of Outsider Art in the age of mass media with opportunity for audience discussion.

The panel will include Art historian Roger Cardinal and Professor Colin Rhodes with artists who will take questions from the audience. They will explore current issues including a possible shift in the use of terminology, ‘marginalised ‘versus ‘Outsider’ artists .

The event is organised in partnership with The Other Side Gallery, South London & Maudsley NHS Trust and Community Learning at Tate Modern.

Tickets £5, no concessions but is well worth the small amount of money.
Booking and information:
Visit: http://www.tate.org.uk/modern
Call 0207 887 8888
Email: visiting.modern@tate.org.uk
Minicom 0207 887 8687
Bankside, London SE1 9TG


Impact Art Fair
Preview & Fair Invitation

When? –
Preview: Thursday 19th May 5-7pm Candid Arts Trust – London*

Fair Dates: Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, Sunday 22nd May 2011
Fair Venue: Candid Arts Trust, Islington, London, EC1V 1NQ*

This year’s fair includes:

– Photographs from ‘Over The Hill’ A series of enigmatic collaborations between 129 top photographers and Tim Andrews (recently featured in The Guardian)
– Selected prints by Patrick Joyce (The Incurable Optimist) for who’s portrait acclaimed scientist Steven Hawking wrote “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” words that I’m sure inspire all of us who have been touched by crisis in our lives.
– Artworks by Alison Lapper
– 80 Emerging Artists from across the UK

View the original flyer for this event which retains attractive images – CLICK HERE:IMPACT ART FAIR!

Clinical Academic Groups – Patient/Carer Advisory Groups

Clinical Academic Groups – Patient/Carer Advisory Groups

The Psychological Medicine and MAP CAG are developing their Patient/Carer Advisory Groups – the overall purpose of the groups will be to make sure that the views and experiences of people who use the services, and their families & carers are taken into account as the CAG develops. Membership of the group will include those people who have used services, family & carers, managers & external organisations.

For an informal chat about what might be involved:

For more information please contact: Alice Glover 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk

Work on strategic service user & carer involvement

Work on strategic service user & carer involvement

To become a member of the psychological medicine service user/carer advisory group

Date of next monthly meeting: 10th May 2.00 – 4.30pm (But they are ongoing so do still get in touch)

Purpose of meeting – The group has met once so far and identified the following purpose: the group will oversee, rather than undertake involvement and patient experience work within the diverse services in the CAG. Work will happen within specific service areas that will feedback to the User Advisory Group. The advisory group can support the development of different ways of getting feedback and involving people in the design of services and improvements

– To attend monthly meetings
– Using experience of services and user/carer involvement to contribute to discussions around overseeing and developing
– Involvement activities within the CAG as appropriate to feedback into other groups

Would suit service user consultants who

– Feel comfortable working in a more strategic way
– Have experience of services and involvement activities
– Can attend monthly meetings

To view the flyer about this opportunity CLICK HERE:Work on strategic service user & carer involvement

Fore more information about this opportunity Contact:
Alice Glover: Tel 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk

Work on Equality & Diversity

Work on Equality & Diversity

Participation in a workshop about equality & diversity
Date: Tuesday 21st June 2011 – pm (To be confirmed)

Purpose: To identify the priorities within the Psychological Medicine CAG around equality & diversity & to find the best way to take forward the work across the different services.

Description: All services in the CAG are being asked to send a staff member to the workshop to discuss equalities issues. The format of the workshop is still to be finalised, but it is likely that there will be a presentation to the whole group and then some time to talk in smaller groups.

The role:

– To contribute ideas & experience around the equalities areas in relation to the services in the psychological medicine CAG

Would suit service user/carer consultants who:

– Feel comfortable in medium to large group settings
– Have experience of using services within the psychological medicine CAG
– Have an interest in improving the experience of people from the equalities groups within the single equalities scheme.

To view the flyer about this opportunity CLICK HERE:Work on Equality & Diversity

Fore more information about this opportunity Contact:
Alice Glover: Tel 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk

Care Pathways – Treatment Services Workshop

Care Pathways – Treatment Services Workshop

Training Opportunity
As part of the work on quality we will be involving service user/carer consultants in ‘audits’ – checks on services to make sure that recommendations about improving the services are being put into action.  We would like service users / carers to be involved in all areas of this audit work:

– Coming up with ideas about what we should be checking
– Raising Questions
– Collecting and analysing data.

Especially suited for people who are interested, but not experienced in this type of work, we are going to arrange a half day training session – called ‘basic clinical audit training’   The course is for people with no prior knowledge so dont be put off by terminology (jargon) – everything will be explained!!:-  It will cover the following things:

– An overview of someone’s role within clinical audit systems
– An awareness of the Clinical Audit Cycle – what audits are and how they work
– Identifying best practice
– Audit methodologies and processes – ways of carrying out audits
– Raising awareness of the effectiveness of clinical audits i.e. change management, recommendations and maintaining standards

This course is normally available to both staff and service user/carer consultants and some dates have been arranged by the training department for June, September & December.  However, we would like to arrange an additional session  ASAP for people interested in quality improvement work . For those of you on the involvement register, this is a voluntary opportunity.

We will be taking names of interested people to find time/day that suits the majority.

To view the flyer about this opportunity CLICK HERE:Work on Quality – All CAGS

Fore more information about this opportunity Contact:
Alice Glover: Tel 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk

Work on Care Pathways – Psychological Medicine CAG

Work on Care Pathways – Psychological Medicine CAG

Purpose: To make sure that quality improvement work is informed by people with experience of services
Description: This work will feed into both the CAG governance processes and the CAG service user advisory groups. There are many opportunities depending on interest & skills:

The role:

– Visiting services to check that recommendations for improvements have been carried out
– Looking at data about patient experience, complaints & incidents and identifying priorities for improvements
– Developing ideas / questionnaires for audits
– Collecting data for audits
– Working with service staff to improve services

Work in this context would suit service user / carer consultants who:

– Have an interest in improving services
– Would like to gain specific experience/training in aspects of audit & governance
– Prefer working in smaller groups

*Some aspects of the work will involve looking at and interpreting complicated data and would therefore suit people who have a reasonable level of concentration

To view the flyer about this opportunity CLICK HERE:Work on Quality – MAP & Psychological Medicine CAG

Fore more information about this opportunity Contact:
Mood, Anxiety & Personality CAG contact:
Anushka Mirando – anushka.mirando@slam.nhs.uk tel:  0203 228 2913
Psychological Medicine CAG contact:
Ishita Tewari – Ishita.tewari@slam.nhs.uk tel: 0203 228 2914

Work on Care Pathways – Psychological Medicine CAG

Work on Care Pathways – Psychological Medicine CAG

Date: To be arranged / confirmed
Purpose: As part of a group to work alongside staff to develop the crisis care pathway
Description: This work will be ongoing and will consist of small and larger group meetings

The role:

– To read and reflect on the work done to date, giving feedback from the service user perspective

– To make suggestions to improve the pathways in terms of the quality of the service user experience

Would suit service user / carer consultants who:
Have had recent experience of using crisis services (eg accident & emergency psychiatric liaison, home treatment services)

To view the flyer about this opportunity CLICK HERE:Work on Care Pathways – Psychological Medicine CAG

Fore more information about this opportunity Contact:
Alice Glover: Tel 020 3228 0959 Email: alice.glover@slam.nhs.uk