Involvement in meetings training

We are offering a two stage training course that will enable Service User Consultants to contribute effectively at meetings.

 ‘Service User Consultants aim to be the best and most appropriate people to work on committees.  In return we hope our work will offer us some personal development.’

 Types of meetings you could become involved in:

  • Involvement  meetings – these are good meetings to develop your skills in speaking up
  • Operational meetings – for people who prefer to talk about the day to day provision of services
  • Strategic meetings – these meetings look at policy, planning, targets and visions.

 Have your voice heard 

  • Actively listen to others
  • Be involved in decision making
  • Help shape services of the future

Jargon terms

AMH: Adult Mental Health

CAGs: Clinical Academic Groups (In SLaM comprises: Addictions; Behavioural & Developmental; CAMHS; MAP; Psychological Medicine; Clinical Neurosciences: MHOA & Dementia; Psychosis; Psychology)

CAMHs: Child and Adolescent Mental Health services

MAP: Mood, Anxiety, Personality (Disorders)

MHOA: Mental Health, Older Adults

PPI: Patient and Public Involvement

SLaM: South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

SUC: Service User Consultant (service users who are paid by the Trust to seek the views of other service users, and to help define and deliver the priorities of the Trust.)

SUG: Service User Group

TWIG: Trust Wide Involvement Group (comprises two committees: Strategic and Operations)

Join us!

Interested in getting involved in monitoring, evaluating and improving SLaM services?

Then we want to hear from YOU!

We are always looking for service users to undertake project work looking at services across the Trust.

Full training will be given.

For more information, or an informal chat about the roles, please contact: D Rosier (Service User Consultant) at and 07815 847334 or Sue Folan (Involvement Register coordinator) at and 020 3228 1592.

Our mission, aims and objectives

The operational arm of the Trust Wide Involvement Group is designed to ensure that a wider range of service users are involved in the improvement and development of SLaM [South London & Maudsley] services.

Aims and Objectives for TWIG [Trust Wide Involvement Group] Operations Group

The Operations Group will look across the Trust and externally to influence and develop good practice, innovation and service user research.

The Group will be a partnership of equals, actively involving all the key players in the public, private and voluntary sectors. The Group will be outcome-focused: it will review and monitor progress on service improvement initiatives, with a view for those initiatives to go Trust-wide, to reduce the bureaucratic burden.

The Group will ensure there is a good cross-agency framework for tracking progress in delivering milestones and targets set out in the Group’s agreed initiatives.

The Group will support and challenge thematic partnerships, help where they are missing, and aim to agree milestones and targets.

The Group will develop an action plan for implementing service improvements into a sustainable strategy across the CAGs [Clinical Academic Groups].

The Group will contribute towards developing research aims.

Committee members

D Rosier SUC Chair (until 7th October)

(D is working on Trust-wide projects co-ordination and sustainability; new commissions development and expansion; and also on the SLaM Arts Strategy.)

Vanessa Bray SUC Vice Chair (until 7th October)

(Vanessa is training lead, as well as working on ad hoc projects; and is also both a peer mentor and peer supervisor.)

Ray Johnannsen-Chapman PPI Chair

(Ray is the Strategic Lead for Patient & Public Involvement & Community Connections for the Trust)


The committee is currently made up of Service User Consultants and carers, and CAG PPI leads.

We would very much welcome involvement from groups of people currently not represented.


Service User Consultant / carer members

Bridget Pearce (Trustwide Food Operational lead; peer mentor, B & D CAG Service User Group; Psych Med CAG Service User Group as a carers’ rep; Facebook and Twitter)

Garry Ellison (Southwark rep, SIMBA, NA, Recovery In Action and ad hoc projects)

Gill Ashwood (Information stalls & Lead, Closing the Gaps project)

Jackie Bestvassell (Lambeth rep)

Julie Connolly (Lead, nightline project and Croydon rep)

Paul Paterson (Link worker coordinator, Lewisham and Members Council)

Tom Ingman (PSUIG)

vacant (Addictions)

vacant (CAMHS: Children and Adolescents)

vacant (MHOA: Older Adults)


Staff members (NB do not have voting rights)

Addictions – Marina Frederick & Rosie Mundt-Leach

Behavioural & Developmental – vacant

CAMHs – Marianne Caitane and Nick Topliss

MAP/Psychological Medicine/Clinical Neurosciences – Alice Glover

Older Adults & Dementia – Nuala Conlan

Psychology -Emma Harding and Matt Richardson

Psychosis – Adrian Webster

Public Involvement – Jim Ellis