Jargon terms

AMH: Adult Mental Health

CAGs: Clinical Academic Groups (In SLaM comprises: Addictions; Behavioural & Developmental; CAMHS; MAP; Psychological Medicine; Clinical Neurosciences: MHOA & Dementia; Psychosis; Psychology)

CAMHs: Child and Adolescent Mental Health services

MAP: Mood, Anxiety, Personality (Disorders)

MHOA: Mental Health, Older Adults

PPI: Patient and Public Involvement

SLaM: South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

SUC: Service User Consultant (service users who are paid by the Trust to seek the views of other service users, and to help define and deliver the priorities of the Trust.)

SUG: Service User Group

TWIG: Trust Wide Involvement Group (comprises two committees: Strategic and Operations)