SLaM service user / carer advisory group for mood, anxiety & personality disorder update

Hello Everyone, here are the key points from february meetig of the SLaM service user / carer advisory group for mood, anxiety & personality disorder.  Please circulate to service users/groups as appropriate.

SERVICE USER ADVISORY GROUP: Supporting people who use Services for Mood, Anxiety & Personality Disorders, through collaborative work with Service Managers

The Service User Advisory Group is part of the Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) Clinical Academic Group – an organisational structure which manages services for mood, anxiety & personality disorder across the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). The Advisory Group members have experience of using mental health services and meet every month. We work with the senior management of the mood, anxiety & personality disorder services to keep the views of service users at the heart of all service developments and improvements. To make sure that people know what we are discussing in our meetings we have developed this short briefing sheet.

1) Three service users were present at the February meeting, plus the Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) Lead, the clinical governance project officer the Equalities Manager from SLaM, the Co-ordinator from ‘Four in Ten’ and the services lead MAP community teams in Lambeth. Apologies were received from 3 members.

2) We heard that 15 people had expressed interest in joining the group following the recent publicity. The PPI lead is meeting them all individually and developing a profile of their interest & experience. Group members will then review the anonymised profiles to identify who would be the best fit with the needs of the group. We will work together to develop a welcome and induction process to the group for new members.

3) We discussed involvement and patient experience with the Lambeth Clinical Service Lead for the MAP community teams. We suggested that she contacts staff in Southwark, where there are service user forums happening within the service.

4) The equalities manager outlined how SLaM needs to consider how provision of services and changes to them may impact differently on both service users and staff in relation to the following ‘protected’ characteristics: Age, gender, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, ethnicity, pregnancy, marital status and religion/belief. We were invited to read and comment on the recent report about progress in this area. We will also be informed of the forthcoming process to set equality objectives for the year.  For more information contact Macius Kurowski:  020 3228 1675

5) We met Peter, the project co-ordinator of Four in Ten which is a service user group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) SLaM service users. We hope that members of Four in Ten will be able to feedback their concerns about psychological medicine CAG services to our group for consideration. We will make sure that the group receives this briefing sheet. For more information contact Peter Vittles 07711376258

6) A group member told us about the peer support project in Lambeth ‘Solidarity in a Crisis’ where he is a peer supporter.

7) We were updated on the proposed audit of discharge processes in Southwark. This is a joint venture between SLaM and the Southwark User Council. A member of the Southwark Association for Mental Health Ltd, will join a small working group to take this forward.

8) We heard about a forthcoming meeting for advisory group members to look at business planning in the MAP and Psychological Medicine CAGs.

pdf version here: Briefing Sheet feb 2013

with best wishes,


Alice Glover
Patient & Public Involvement Lead
Mood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959
113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

psychological medicine cag service user & carer advisory group briefing

Hello Everyone,

here is an overview of what the SLaM psychological medicine clinical academic group service user & carer advisory group discussed at its february meeting:   Please distribute the attachment as appropriate.

1. Five service user/carer consultants were present at the February meeting. Also present were the Patient & Public Involvement Lead, the Equalities Manager from SLaM, Coordinator from ‘Four in Ten’ and a Clinical Service Lead from SLaM. 2 service user consultants and 4 staff members sent apologies.

2. We agreed that 2 members of our group would go to the governance executive meeting in May. This is a management group which oversees the quality of services. The meeting will focus on patient experience in the Triage wards. We will make sure that we take the views and experiences of people who have used Triage wards to the meeting.

3. We heard that the carers group at the Lishman Unit was continuing. A member of our group has continued to support the group and funding is being sought so that she can be a more regular contributor. The Lishman Unit has also been using the data from the satisfaction surveys to identify areas where they can improve. Activities on the ward have been highlighted as an area to work on.

4. The equalities manager outlined how SLaM needs to consider how provision of services and changes to them may impact differently on both service users and staff in relation to the following ‘protected’ characteristics: Age, gender, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, ethnicity, pregnancy, marital status and religion/belief. We were invited to read and comment on the recent report about progress in this area. We will also be informed of the forthcoming process to set equality objectives for the year.

5. We met Peter, the project co-ordinator of Four in Ten which is a service user group for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) SLaM service users. We hope that membersof Four in Ten will be able to feedback their concerns about psychological medicine CAG services to our group for consideration. We will make sure that the group receives this briefing sheet.

6. We heard about the progress of the Southwark Peer Support Project.

7. We heard about the Lewisham Carers working group, where again, patient confidentiality and what can be shared with family and carers was raised as a problematic issue. A suggestion was made about having an advance directive identifying what the service user was happy for the carer to be informed about. There has been positive feedback about the carers’ information pack that is being developed by advisory group members.

8. We heard about a stakeholder meeting in Lewisham run by the clinical commissioning group. An advisory group member had attended and highlighted mental health service user concerns around crisis care and the apparent trend of discharging people back to primary care. 3 members of the group have agreed to attend a similar meeting in Lambeth.

9. A group member raised concerns about the systems in place to ensure good practice by the police when dealing with mental health service users.

As ever, the group is interested to hear the views and feedback of people who use SLaM  emergency access services (such as home treatment services, a&e psychiatric liaison), complex care services (such as eating disorders, chronic fatigue, mother & baby services) and neurosciences services (such as brain injury).

pdf version here: psych med advisory group briefing – february 2013

With Best wishes,


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG

email: tel: 020 3228 0959

113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

Croydon Jobcentre awareness talk chkd

Hear Us is holding our March Open Meeting


Are you treated with respect???????

The subject will be: Dignity in Care and Safeguarding Vulnerable adults

Guest Speaker: Vincent Docherty from Croydon Council’s Safe Guarding Service

If you:


  • Receive care for your mental health – e.g. from your GP, a community mental health team such as Tamworth Road or Purley Resource Centre or as an inpatient e.g. at the Bethlem or in a care home
  • Care for someone who has mental health problems
  • Are an organisation that supports/cares for people with mental health problems



DATE:  Tuesday March 5th

TIME:   1pm (starting with LUNCH) (please note that Hear Us had decided to reduce the length of our meetings and we will be finishing by around 3pm)

VENUE:   Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) 82, London Road, West Croydon, CR0 2TB (opposite Lidl)

DIRECTIONS   from West Croydon Train/bus station – turn right out of the station and the CVA is just 5 minute’s walk away.

Various flyers and info here:

Hear Us Open Forum March 2013

Hear Us Open Meeting Tuesday 5th February 2013


Questions and Answers – PIP

Where to get Support and Advice

Hear Us welcomes carers, voluntary sector organisations, statutory bodies and most importantly people with personal experience of Mental Health problems to our meetings – to have your voices heard.

All the Best


Jane White


Coffee Morning


I am holding a coffee morning on Monday the 4th March 2013 at the Dragon Cafe from 11.30am – 12.30pm. This had been arrange so that clients, potential clients  and/or care workers are able to come along and discuss Volunteering and what it involves and to ask any questions around the topic, I will be there to answer any queires. I have attached the coffee morning flyer, and would really appreciate it if you could promote this amongst your clients, as of yet I’m unsure of numbers and it would be great if I could have confirmation on any possible attendees.

Flyer here:  coffee morning invite

Kind Regards


Adam Jacques

Supported Volunteering Officer

Volunteer Centre Southwark

Unit 215/216

Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre

London SE1 6TE
T: 020 7703 4205

DD: 020 7358 5945


Please note I’m in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Impact Art Fair

26th 27th 28th July – Block 336, Brixton, London


The second Impact Art Fair  will open at Block 336, Brixton, London on the 26th, 27st and 28th of July, 2013. The fair is the UK’s first national art fair showcasing work only by artists who have experienced mental health issues, disability, ill health or other socially excluding circumstances. Full of talent but lacking access and opportunities, the Impact Art Fair gives artists the chance to sell their work and be valued by wider society. In 2011,1000 visitors attended the fair and most artists were able to report at least one sale.


If you are an artist and would like to submit your work for possible selection (including photography), please email: for submission guidelines. Or call 01273 234 780. Deadline for images for selection process is April 23rd 2013 so you’ll need the guidelines in good time before then.


If you are an organisation that works with socially excluded artists and you would like to display your artists’ work at a stall at the Impact Art Fair please get in touch – email or call 01273 234 780

Simon Powell
Project Director
Creative Future
Community Base, 113 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XG
01273 234 780, 07795 691 579


You are invited to My Singular Fascination by Liz Atkin, at the Bethlem Gallery

My Singular Fascination
By Liz Atkin

Liz Atkin’s work is informed by her curiosity with skin as a primary source for corporeal art, both as metaphorical membrane and physical boundary. With a background in theatre and dance, physicality underpins her creative practice.

Her work centres on a multilayered exploration of the possibilities of marking, extending and transforming the skin to question the limits of the body across and within the porous textures of light and surfaces. This personal investigation explores body-focused repetitive behaviour, rendering the skin to matter for re-sculpting.

Opening 20th February 2013, 3 – 6pm
Exhibition continues 21st February – 15th March
Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm
Museum and Gallery open Saturday 2nd March, 11am – 5pm. Join us for an artists’ talk at the gallery at 2pm

Free Entry – All Welcome!

The Bethlem Gallery | 020 3228 4101 | |

NHS recognises that mindfulness meditation is good for depression

Scientists have now discovered how mindfulness meditation can give patients control over levels of depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to give patients control over their own depression and anxiety levels and levels of chronic pain, according to a paper published earlier this month in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Previous studies have found that mindfulness meditation can cut the recurrence of depression by 50%, and neuroimaging scans have shown significant positive change in brain activity of long-term meditators. But while scientists knew mindfulness was having an effect, they have not known how until now.

Catherine Kerr, lead author of the new study and director of translational neuroscience at Brown University in Providence, in the US, says that when we are depressed, attention is “consumed by negative preoccupations, thoughts and worries”. Instead of disengaging and moving on, we find ourselves digging deeper into negative thought patterns.

Mindfulness gives patients control over this habitual chain via a “body scan” technique, where patients systematically engage and disengage with the sensations in each part of the body. As they do so, alpha rhythms, which organise the flow of sensory information in the brain, increase and decrease. Kerr describes this as a “sensory volume knob” and it is this flexible focusing skill which, the paper proposes, “regulates attention so that it does not become biased toward negative physical sensations and thoughts, as in depression”. Early Buddhists advanced a similar theory 2,500 years ago in a famous practice text called “Mindfulness of the body and breath”.

I came to mindfulness on a 10-day Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand. Letting go of thought felt as impossible as tearing off a limb; particularly when the leg and back pains started from sitting cross-legged.

Years later, I came to see that it was unacknowledged emotions that gradually manifested as pain, on an emotional and sometimes physical level. Turning towards them, and accepting them fully, helped to resolve them.

Thankfully, the secular antidote that the NHS has rolled out is far easier than the one the Buddha taught. You don’t have to sit cross-legged, and the sessions, usually run by a clinical psychologist, take place once a week over a period of eight weeks.

Having recognised the health and cost benefits, some NHS trusts accept self-referrals, others accept referrals via GPs. The Mental HealthFoundation, which has produced a list of some of the NHS-funded courses, estimates that as many as 30% of GPs now refer patients to mindfulness training.

However, these programmes are often bundled under “talking therapies” treatment, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is misleading since talking is exactly what mindfulness practitioners aren’t doing.

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Have patience…

have patience

MP withdraws his benefits cash card bill

Alec Shelbrooke was labelled by some as the ultimate Scrooge just before Christmas when he asked MPs to back his idea of making benefits payments through an electronic cash card which would not be valid for buying luxuries such as alcohol, tobacco or satellite TV subscriptions.

The Yorkshire MP’s proposals provoked tens of thousands of people to post comments on the Facebook and Twitter sites of Look North, his local BBC regional TV news programme. It was by far the most feedback on any single issue in the programme’s history.

Now the Tory MP, who represents the seat of Elmet and Rothwell near Leeds, has decided to withdraw the bill he introduced in the House of Commons at the time, but this is far from the last we have heard from him on the matter.

‘Desirable but damaging’

Mr Shelbrooke told me he has widespread support from ordinary people and has been unfairly portrayed as a right-wing Tory who believes idle scroungers should be stopped from living a life of unearned luxury.

His view is that benefit claimants will be far better off if they are unable to buy what he calls “NEDD items”- things that were, in his words, “non-essential, desirable but often damaging”.

He also feels that there has been a lot of deliberate misinterpretation of his proposals particularly by benefits campaign groups and Labour politicians.

“I made it clear this would apply to all claimants in work and out of work, and would cover all benefits other than disability payments and the basic state pension,” he told me.

“Yet time and again I have seen criticism based on how this will degrade the lifestyles of groups that I specifically exclude from my proposal.”

Technical withdrawal

This week his bill was due to be debated again by MPs but when I rang him for a progress report he told me it had been withdrawn for technical reasons.

Bills proposed by backbench MPs rarely have a chance of becoming law unless taken up by government or opposition and allocated time for full debate and votes by MPs.

Without that backing, Mr Shelbrooke says he had no alternative but to pull the plug on his bill but believes there is so much support for it from “the man in the street” that he will relaunch his campaign in the spring.

And the idea is not without powerful political admirers.

The Pensions and Benefits Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith revealed that his department has been looking at the possibility of issuing a card rather than cash for benefits, but only to what he called “problem families” who are having difficulty managing their finances.

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A New Dawn for Mental Health in Lambeth

Service-users are invited to have a bigger say in the new NHS and social care arrangements starting with a day of conversation with those in charge in Lambeth.

At a New Dawn for Mental Health Event on Friday, March 8, 10am – 3.30pm at The Brix, St Matthew’s. Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1JF.

This is a free event includes hot drinks and a buffet lunch. It is organised by National Survivor User Network for mental health and MIND, supported by Lambeth LINk, The Collaborative, Lambeth Council, the Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group and the South London and Maudsley Hospital.

Let NSUN know if you would like to attend by emailing: or telephone 0207 820 8982

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How unpaid carers can claim Government help

One in 10 Brits is an unpaid carer. But some Government support is available in the form of things like the Carer’s Allowance and the Attendance Allowance. Here’s how to claim what you or the person you care for is entitled to.

Details here:

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Four in Ten, SLaM’s LGBT Service User Group LGBT History Month Update

Film Screening ‘Queen’s Evidence’ – Thursday 28 February 

5.00pm to 7pm at 1st Floor, Marina house, 63-65 Denmark Hill, SE 5 8RS

You are invited to join Four in Ten LGBT Service User Group’s LGBT History Month event – screening of ‘Queens Evidence’ by Clare Summerskill, followed by a service user-led discussion on the themes raised in the film. Clare Summerskill, Stand Up Comedien, Queens Evidence is a series of dramitised recollections of older LGBT people and looks at the relationship between the police and the LGBT community over the last 60 to 70 years.

Clare has been described by Radio 4 Woman’s Hour as “A Lesbian Victoria Wood!” and by What’s On Magazine as “One of the funniest women in the country.” Clare performs an original cocktail of stand-up and comedy songs to mainly Gay and Lesbian audiences up and down the country and has even been known to make straight people chuckle just a little bit! She brings “Dyke” humour to the forefront of alternative comedy! For several years she has appeared on the LGBT comedy and cabaret circuit.

See the flyer attached.  Four in Ten LGBT History Month Film Screening. If you would like to come email Peter on or call 07711 376 258

Other news from Four in Ten

Four in Ten Group Night 

4 in 10 poster

Feb March Programme (3)

Four in Ten currently meets in the Jane Fielding Room at Maudsley Hospital on Tuesday evening from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. The group offers LGBT people who have or are currently experiencing mental distress a safe place to meet and socialise, get and give peer support, take part in activities and discussions, get involved in Trust wide initiatives, and contribute to the Four in Ten Project to improve LGBT service user’s experience of Trust wide services. You could help promote the group in your service, at your team meetings, to service users, User Involvement Groups by downloading and printing our Four in Ten programme and poster and giving to staff, service users or pinning on your notice board or making available in your nearest waiting area or service user event.

LGBT History Month Articles for SLaM Staff Enews

Four in Ten have been marking History Month with a series of news articles in SLaM Staff Enews. The final history month article goes out next Monday and will include some key facts about LGBT mental health issues and practical steps that staff can take to deliver more LGBT inclusive services. Our final History Month instalment is next Monday – so keep an eye out! If you want copies of our articles featured in this series then email Peter on

LGBT History Month event, 16 April

5.30pm to 7.30pm At Ability Media Centre, 65 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0AS

With a small grant from Southwark LGBT Network, Four in Ten will screen their 2011 film and invite a panel of speakers to examine the issues and challenges faced by LGBT people in mental distress who use services and how services can improve. The event will be chaired by Jonty Heversedge, Patient and Public Engagement Lead for Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group and we have invited a number of speakers, including clinicians from SLaM and mental health commissioners from the CCG. It would be great to have your support at this event (flyer ready soon).

Four in Ten Project Steering Group

The Four in Ten Project is overseen by a Steering Group that meets bi-monthly to ensure that the project elements are delivered and any issues raised and problem solved. The group is made up of service users and staff, who can comment and contribute to the delivery of the project. The Steering Group would welcome the contribution of staff and service users. To find out more or come to the next meeting on Thursday 28 March from 12pm to 1.30pm at Room 1, The Felix Post Unit, Maudsley contact Peter on 07711 376 258 or email

Steering Group Mailing List

The Steering Group recognises that SLaM staff and service users are incredibly busy (but no less committed!) people and would love to be kept up to date with what is going on with the Project and Group. Perhaps you would are interested in attending a particular meeting because an agenda item is right up your street, or you want to get involved in a particular event, or for any other reason you want to know what’s happening, then you are invited to join the mailing list. Again, just pop Peter an email to

Other news from Four in Ten

•       For the first time ever, the Group have been awarded a small grant from Southwark Community Council Fund 2013 to deliver a programme of wellbeing workshops in 2013/14 covering a range of topics, including; Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Healthy Eating, Aroma Therapy and Fitness. We will keep you updated on when these will take place!

•       The Group have a small amount of money from SLaM to produce a trifold leaflet to promote the various elements of the Four in Ten Project – the group and its activities, our partnership with Metro, our Equalities work on LGBT issues within SLaM and involvement mechanisms via the Steering Group. This will be made available for services with in SLaM and to groups and organistions in South East London. Let us know if you want some mailed to you!

•       The group are developing a new short film over the coming months and hope this will be ready in time for a screening in the week before London Pride 2013. If you are LGBT and use mental health services and have something to say, get in touch with us on 07711 376 258

•       The group is busy planning our next newsletter and hope this will be ready in time for London Pride. We are looking for budding writers to put pen to paper (or fingertip-to-keyboard!) and get featured in our next edition. Call us or send us your story by 20 April!

About The Four in Ten Project

Funded by SLaM Charitable Trust and delivered in partnership with the Metro Centre and Four in Ten LGBT Service User Group, SLaM is working to improve the experience of LGBT service users across the Trust with a number of initiatives over the next few years, including:

•       Improving LGBT service user involvement at SLaM by strengthening the Four in Ten service user group

•       Setting up a steering group for LGBT service users to meet regularly with SLaM staff

  • Provide opportunities for LGBT people who use services opportunities to get involved in SLaM service improvements

•       Developing a survey for staff on their awareness of LGBT issues

•       Providing LGBT training to staff aimed at improving service user experience

•       Improving LGBT policy and LGBT data collection across the trust

  • Strengthen arrangements for reporting homophobic and transphobic incidents experienced by our service users

Peter Vittles

4 in 10 Project Coordinator

(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

1st Floor, Marina house, 63-65 Denmark Hill  SE 5 8RS

Mob: 07711 376 258

Worthless for the workless: Flagship scheme finds jobs for just 20 people out 9,500

Of 9,500 people moved off disability benefits and on to the flagship Work Programme, just 20 have found a job lasting more than three months

The “shocking” scale of the Government’s failure to help people into work is revealed in a scathing MPs’ report today.

Young and vulnerable people are being betrayed as firms and charities paid billions of pounds in taxpayers’ cash to find them jobs are cherry-picking those who are easiest to help.

Of 9,500 people moved off disability benefits and on to the flagship Work Programme, just 20 have found a job lasting more than three months.

One organisation failed to find a single post lasting six months for anyone aged under 25 – and none hit their targets, the Commons Public Accounts Committee found.

The MPs said that without action some groups may go bust due to the operational expense of being in the £5billion scheme – even despite the public cash they receive.

Their damning report comes after a separate probe by Whitehall’s spending watchdog, the National Audit Office, found that more people would have got jobs if the initiative had never been launched.

Just 3.6% of people taking part in Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s scheme found lasting jobs.

That compared with the 5% who would have done so anyway, according to estimates by his own department.

The Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge said the Coalition’s flagship scheme had been shown up as “extremely poor”.

The Labour MP said: “The Work Programme is absolutely crucial for helping people, especially the most vulnerable, get work and stay in it.

“However, its performance so far has been extremely poor – so poor it was actually worse than the department’s own expectations of the numbers who would have found work if the scheme didn’t exist.

“Not one provider managed to meet its minimum performance target. The programme is particularly failing the young and the hardest to help.”

Mrs Hodge also blasted ministers for neglecting to admit or explain the programme’s inadequacies and for continuing to let money go to failing firms.

She added: “In the payment-by-results system, the DWP has incentives meant to stop providers concentrating on the easiest cases and ignoring the hardest to help.

“These are not working.”

Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne said: “This report underscores the Work Programme’s comprehensive failure to bring down long-term unemployment.

“Figures released by the DWP decisively showed that the Work Programme was worse than doing nothing, placing only 2% of participants into a sustained job.

“The Public Accounts Committee is right to criticise the Government’s farcical handling of the Work Programme figures.

“The lack of transparency around these numbers has been appalling, as the Government has tried, without success, to bury bad news in the detail.

“At a time when our economy is flatlining and David Cameron is giving a tax cut to millionaires, we desperately need a back-to-work programme that is fit for purpose.”

Katja Hall, the CBI’s chief policy director, said: “The initial Work Programme results were disappointing, but the statistics represent a snapshot during the roll-out of the scheme and should be viewed in this light.

“The programme is in its infancy and gains will come over the longer term.”

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, said the programme should be abandoned, adding: “What will it take for this Government to finally accept that their workfare programme simply does not work?

“The courts have ruled it unlawful and now Iain Duncan Smith has been told in no uncertain terms his scheme is an expensive waste of taxpayers’ money.”

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The new Maudsley Learning Centre – Name a room to win!

Good afternoon,

Have you heard about the Maudsley Learning’s fantastic new learning and events centre, funded by Maudsley Charity?

Maudsley Learning will be a hub for raising awareness and knowledge of mental health and wellbeing, whether face to face or remotely. With comfortable spaces to meet, learn and chat, art borrowed from the Bethlem Gallery and a café open to all, the new Learning Centre will be a social and cultural hub for Camberwell. To learn more about the new Learning Centre, please visit:

Name a room to win!

The new centre is due to open in June, and they need your help to name one of their five main function rooms.  Enter to win £75 worth of iTunes or Google Play vouchers. For full details of how to enter please visit:

To find out about other projects we are supporting and how you can get involved please visit our website:

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to inviting you all to the new centre in the near future.

Best wishes,


Jenny Milne

Community Engagement Officer

Fundraising & Supporter Development

King’s College London & King’s Health Partners

Cinema and Psychosis Event

The Barbican are screening 2 films about Psychosis produced by people with lived experience, one a SLAM service user.

There will also be lectures. Free for unwaged. Please pass it on.

For more info click on the following link:

Dolly Sen