Are you interested in research? Do you want to help improve research opportunities within the Trust?

Over the last two years, we at the Biomedical Research Centre (a partnership between SLaM and the Institute of Psychiatry) have been trying to make it easier for service users to find out about (and participate in) research.

We want to know how well we’ve done, so we are running a brief evaluation exercise across the Trust.

We are looking for service users to help us find out how much people know about research opportunities across the Trust. Participants will be compensated for their time (a fee of £15). This is a brief, one-time activity and all participants will receive detailed feedback. We will also let you know what improvements we will be making as a result of this activity.

We wish to hear from people who:

·         Are currently using SLaM services

·         Have a diagnosis of psychosis

If interested, please contact Konstantina Papoulia at the Institute of Psychiatry (tel: 02078480749; email:​


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