SHIELD – The self-harm service improvement project

SHIELD: The self-harm service improvement project.

Service user working group meeting information:
The SHIELD service user working group aims to help the project team improve the way in which self-harm is assessed and managed at the Emergency Departments of St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospitals.

Meetings are ongoing and regular so please get involved.
Time: 4pm (typical time)
Place: Scutari Clinic, Adamson Centre, South Wing, St Thomas’ Hospital, London (possibly other locations)

“We want to have as large and active a user group as possible, advising us and having input to all aspects of our current service development”.

For further information and to find out about the next meeting please contact:
Sean Cross – Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist &
project lead for SHIELD
T: 0207 188 6004

Producing a teaching aid on running groups on inpatient wards

I am looking for five service users who would be interested in the following project:

To create a DVD which would be used in the training of nursing and other inpatient staff in running groups on inpatient wards.

We would film one group therapy session run by myself (Clinical Psychologist) and a service user co-facilitator. Such groups are run regularly on an inpatient ward. Service users would be the group participants. The session is based on the interpersonal model and is very structured. Clients are asked to answer two questions at the beginning and then the answers are discussed in the group. The topics are usually centred around friendship, relationships with other people, their likes and dislikes of group members etc. The aim of the therapy is to provide a supportive environment, to share some of your experience with others and to get to know yourself and other members better.

You would be asked to give consent for the DVD to be used in training but you would be shown the DVD at the end to see if you are happy with it.

The work would involve about two one hour meetings before to discuss the project and prepare. The actual shooting would involve two sessions of two hours.

The rate is £10 (or £15) per hour.

The whole project is dependent on us being awarded a grant. We will know at the end of February 2011. Whilst we are hopeful that we will get the grant we cannot be sure until we hear back.

If you are interested please contact Katja Hajek Consultant Clinical Psychologist

via email or telephone on 020 3228 6378