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Carers Privacy & Dignity Focus Group

SLaM (South London & Maudsley) are currently running a series of Focus Groups in order to highlight issues with Privacy & Dignity within both inpatient and outpatient care spheres.
To be treated with privacy and dignity can mean many things to different people. Examples of these include, attitudes and behaviours of staff, communication, the environment, privacy to protect peoples modesty, confidentiality, to have nutritional needs met and to be free from abuse.

  • It is often the case that carers know a huge amount about where there are holes in service provision and where problems are to be found, as well how to fix them and improve things!
  • If you are a carer then this focus group is for you or perhaps you know or have a great carer in which case please let them know.View the flyer for this event CLICK HERE:Carers Privacy Dignity Flyer 2012

Focus Group Details
When?: 13th March 2012
What time?: 2PM – 3:30PM
Where?: 111 Denmark Hill
Maudsley Hospital
Are refreshments provided?:YES!- For more information or, if you are unable to come to the group, but would like to give your views, please contact: Alice Glover
Tel: 020 3228 0959 email:

Our mission, aims and objectives

The operational arm of the Trust Wide Involvement Group is designed to ensure that a wider range of service users are involved in the improvement and development of SLaM [South London & Maudsley] services.

Aims and Objectives for TWIG [Trust Wide Involvement Group] Operations Group

The Operations Group will look across the Trust and externally to influence and develop good practice, innovation and service user research.

The Group will be a partnership of equals, actively involving all the key players in the public, private and voluntary sectors. The Group will be outcome-focused: it will review and monitor progress on service improvement initiatives, with a view for those initiatives to go Trust-wide, to reduce the bureaucratic burden.

The Group will ensure there is a good cross-agency framework for tracking progress in delivering milestones and targets set out in the Group’s agreed initiatives.

The Group will support and challenge thematic partnerships, help where they are missing, and aim to agree milestones and targets.

The Group will develop an action plan for implementing service improvements into a sustainable strategy across the CAGs [Clinical Academic Groups].

The Group will contribute towards developing research aims.