Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin – August 2014

Dear All,

Hope everyone is well!  This is our summer communication.  Obviously, trust that you manage to take advantage of the lovely weather and take good care of your wellbeing!

So I won’t bore you with much details  as usual visit  our ebulleting  at   The Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin

Among the highlights are:

* The Big White Wall is now avail free for Southwark residents


* The launch of the new website with tools for individuals and comunities- everything about wellbeing! do visit and play, you won’t be dissapointed!   Why well-being matters More and more research is showing us how certain actions, activities and practices can improve our moods, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, keep us healthy and even add seven years to our lives. We think people need to know more about this, so we have designed a website to spread the word.

Both the Wheel of Well-being and this website are the result of a design collaboration between the Mental Health Promotion Team at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Uscreates, a strategic consultancy delivering social value.


* The Social Determinants of Mental Health Report.

Cyberbullying report from EU Kids Online

The pursuit of happiness: a new ambition for our mental health


……all that maybe for a summer reading ????


* Grant funding opportunities………

* Advice for parents in Lambeth regarding available activities for young people

much, much more to find out……

*  CALL TO ARTISTS: WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION by Sharp, 0203 228 7050 or,07790 807 314

                       * STORM course a free certified suicide prevention training particular helpful those people who work with people ‘at risk’.

contact :Craig, Claudia-


Happy summer!



Anamaria Florin, MRSH
Mental Wellbeing Officer
Lambeth and Southwark Public Health

    Tel: 020 7525 0272

Location Address:
160 Tooley St, Hub 2 First Floor, London SE1 2QH

Postal Address:
PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5HY
My workdays are Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday





We would like to encourage you that within your wellbeing work/ activities to measure wellbeing by using the short Warwick Edinburgh scale. Please, visit for details :

By the way, it may be helpful to have handy the working definiton of wellbeing is  (locally agreed): ‘to feel positive about the present, feeling hopeful about the future; feeling confident about being able to handle life’s stresses and problems; and feeling that mostly life is fulfilled and rewarding’

Why Mindfulness now :

SLaM equality partnership time event – 1pm to 5:30pm on Thursday 5th June at the Maudsley Learning Centre

I attach details of our upcoming equality partnership time event.

SLaM Equality Partnership Time Event Flyer – Thursday 5th June 2014

I would be very grateful if you could circulate details of this to service users and staff in you CAGs to encourage their attendance at the event.

Many thanks,


Last year SLaM held an equality Partnership Time Event to hear how we were performing on equality. Following the event we:

  • Produced a report to capture the evidence that was shared with us on our equality performance
  • Developed new equality objectives for 2013-16
  • Developed a plan on what we will do to deliver our equality objectives in 2013/14
  • Started work to deliver these plans.

You can find information on this work on our website at: SLaM Equality Objectives. The Trust also published information in January to demonstrate how we complied with the public sector equality duty in 2013. You can find this report on our website at: SLaM public sector equality duty performance.

We will be holding another partnership time event at the Maudsley Learning Centre on the afternoon of Thursday 5th June when we would like to give an update on the work we’ve been doing and gather views on what more we need to do on equality over the next year. I attach a flyer for this event.

Please contact Ehiaghe Awannegbe if you would like to attend this event. Telephone: 020 3228 1679, Email: Places at the event are limited so please book your place as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Macius Kurowski

Equality Manager

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 
Directorate of Organisation and Community | Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

SLaM Recovery College Spring/Summer 2014 Prospectus and Website

Dear All

We’re delighted to be able to launch the college with a spring/summer prospectus of 38 courses and workshops and a brand new website. Our unending thanks to all the many people who have offered their time, advice and expertise towards delivering this term.


We would very much appreciate it if you could spread the word about us in any way you think might help.

Many, many thanks

Tony Holmes

Operations Manager

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

1st Floor Admin | Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

Telephone: 020 3228 2175

Quality event Lewisham

Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group in partnership with the London Borough of Lewisham, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Healthwatch Lewisham, is holding a public event to listen to your views on Quality in Health and Social Care.  At this event we want to hear your views on what ‘quality’ in health and social care means to you.

CCG Peoples summit flyer-5

Clinical leaders and a guest speaker will attend the event, and will be available to answer questions on how we monitor quality in Lewisham health and social care services.  But mostly we want to hear from you. We want patients, carers, parents and individuals from many different communities to join in this discussion, and we hope to collect a very wide range of views throughout the day. .

The event will be on Saturday 29th March 10.00 to 3.00 at the Civic Suite, Catford, London SE6 4RU and welcome your involvement.

Please contact Marie Vivien on 0203 049 3202 to register for the event; and let Marie know if you require transport assistance.  Lunch and a crèche will be provided, so please let us know if you have childcare needs.

We look forward to meeting you on the 29th March – please come!

With best wishes

Diana Robbins,

Governing Body Lay Member

Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group

Proposed changes to Welfare Services

Dear All

consultation 2014Welfare Service for SLAM

The above is a proposal being put forward by the Welfare Department in response to the Trust’s requirement of parity of service Trust wide.

In short it would mean a huge impact for service users as the proposal is that the Welfare service is withdrawn from all services except inpatient/home treatment teams. No funding is being provided for real parity: Welfare for all service users.

The consultation process is 10th March – 8th April. Please feedback to Carol Waylett, Welfare service manager ( Carol is also available to come and talk with you.

If you would like further information or want to know who contact about this please let me know.

Kind regards


Sian Evans

Welfare Worker
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Welfare Department | The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ
Telephone: 020 3228 2942 Internal: 82942   Fax: 020 3228 2899

Christmas Appeal for Vulnerable Southwark Children

Our parental mental health team is appealing for donations of Christmas presents for vulnerable children.

The team works with some of the most vulnerable families in Southwark and want to make sure that all the children in the families they see receive at least one Christmas present this year. They are appealing for new toys suitable for children aged up to five years old.

Lucy Brazener, Team Manager, said: “Christmas is a time for celebration and we want to make sure that all the children we see have at least one present so they can enjoy it just as much as everyone else. Some of our families really don’t have very much and may be struggling.

“Toys are not only a way for a child to have fun; they stimulate them and help with their development and Christmas is a brilliant time to make sure that they have the toys and the fun they need.”

The parental mental health team is a nurse-led service, jointly run by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) and Southwark Council, which works to provide help and support for parents who have children under five and are experiencing mental distress.

The team recognises the needs of parents as individuals with mental health problems and the needs of their children. They aim to promote positive parenting and minimise the impact their mental health difficulties may have on their children through supporting the parent.

The team will see parents with a range of mental health problems and they often work jointly with other community teams and children’s services. This service is available for any Southwark parent and service users are referred from a variety of different health services.

Any donations should be sent by Friday 20 December to:

Parental Mental Health Team Christmas Appeal

General Office

Maudsley Hospital

Denmark Hill



For more information about the appeal or about referrals to the team please contact Lucy Brazener on

Maudsley Long Gallery exhibition by George Harding

Invitation to see:

Art Leads to External Places By George Harding Opening 5 December, 5 – 8pm

Maudsley Long Gallery

The inaugural exhibition, by artist George Harding, centres on art’s ability to transport the individual. His work obscures and transcends the boundaries between reality, imagination and dreams. Harding’s painting Alignment, now in the Bethlem Museum’s collection, became iconic within the history of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust when it was used for the Trust’s Arts Strategy, and subsequently reached global audiences on the front cover of a Lancet publication in 2011.

Maudsley Long Gallery was established in 2013 following a grant from the Maudsley Charity. The gallery space uses a reclaimed staff corridor that was previously locked and unused. The space is now open to the everyone. Please enter at the main reception and head past the Sanctuary, where the new Long Gallery is located leading to the Dining room (parallel to the main corridor).

Exhibition continues 6 December 2013 – 31 January 2014
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 8pm

The Long Gallery
Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill
020 3228 2830
Please note: The Long Gallery team meet annually (in July) to plan exhibitions for the following year. There are four exhibitions a year. We tend to prioritise SLaM service user art however we take applications from everyone. Applications to exhibit can be made by email to: