Invitation to CoolTan Arts Sponsored Walk

Walk for mental health with CoolTan Arts! – please join us for our biggest event of the year – our Sponsored Walk on Saturday 11th October.It’s a brilliant day out, raises vital funds to continue our work and publicly challenges stigma through our visible presence on the streets of London!

Tickets are £5 unwaged, £10 waged. You can register quickly and easily online here:

Setting off from outside the Maudsley Hospital, Denmark Hill, SE5 8AZ and following a 4.8 mile route to the Southbank, the walk will explore green spaces, hidden squares and historic landmarks. We will celebrate World Mental Health Day with talks, art and performances looking at inspiring local stories and people.

Please join us if you can and spread the word!



Spiritual and Pastoral Care Service at the Maudsley

The Sunday Service takes place every week at 10.00 a.m. in the Sanctuary at the Maudsley Hospital. Everyone is welcome to attend the Service, which is led by a different member of the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Service each week. Thus, there are a variety of approaches with a broadly Christian ethos, but with a shared aim – of welcoming all those who wish to come and be part of this communal worship.

Monday’s Mindfulness Group: This session is for people who have had some meditation experience previously (e.g. attended an 8 week MBCT/MBSR programme) and would like a place to practice regularly in a group with minimal guidance. The session offers a 45 minute seated mindfulness practice and 15 minutes discussion afterwards. This session is run by Becky Gould who is a Clinical Psychologist working at The institute of Psychiatry. For more information please contact:

Tuesday’s Yoga Movement Meditation: Starting on 7th January 2014, this session offers a chance to explore playfully through yoga movement. Increased awareness through breathing and movement informs us of how we are relating to the ground, the space around, and others with whom we share our experiences. Ed Fellows has been facilitating yoga at Slam for over 12 years. He is a member of the Spiritual Pastoral Care Service at Slam, and runs trainings and workshops on integrating psychotherapy, emotional body awareness, and yoga.

Wednesday’s Staff Christian Prayer Group: The group has been meeting for at least 16 years. The meetings are informal and provide a space for individual and collective prayer. There is no formal membership of the group. This is a Christian prayer group, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Friday’s Prayer Group: This is a closed staff prayer group. For more information please contact

Loss and Grief Support Group: This group offers a confidential place to share our own experiences and to listen to others’. The group meets fortnightly for six sessions and is structured to provide safety and containment.

We often feel most alone at times of loss and find that others expect us to have ‘moved on’ before we are ready. This is a sympathetic and supportive place to understand our feelings and our basic human need to go through the pain of grieve. Please contact Julia Head:

Flyer here: WellBeingPosterA4v8 (2)

Via Carmine

Mental Health Act Carers and Service Users’ Event

Dear Family and Carer,

Please find enclosed a flyer for a forthcoming SLaM Mental Health Act Event for Service Users and Carers which I hope you will be interested in attending.


You will have been sent this flyer either because you are on SLaM mailing lists as an individual or as a Facilitator of a Service User/Carer group.

Please share with any group to which you belong or feel free to share with other people you know who are Carers or Service Users.

I do hope you will be able to attend as this is the first event of its time we have run which promises to be a lively and informative day.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Bob Lepper (cc’d in this email) for further information.


Latoya Brown-Sodeyi

Team Administrator

Mental Health Act Management  Team

111 Denmark Hill | Maudsley Hospital | London | SE5 8AZ

Telephone: 0203 228 3225  Fax: 0203 228 2117

keeping people updated about the proposed changes to Lewisham Adult Mental Health Services

Hello everyone,

In November, we held the Mental Health and Wellbeing Stakeholders Day.  Around 200 people attended.   At the event this year, we held focussed discussions about some changes to community adult mental health services.  We also invited people to give their views during November & December – see attached information sheet.

Information about proposed changes to Lewisham adult mental health services

I would like to let you know about a meeting we are holding in January (see attached flyer) to keep people informed and involved in the process.   Please do circulate to those who you feel may be interested.

A4 flyer – stakeholder feedback Jan 2014

With best wishes


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement Lead – Mood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959

113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

Summary of discussions – SLaM service user and carer advisory group for mood, anxiety & personality disorder services

Hello all,

The departments that manage the services at South London & Maudsely NHS Foundation Trust have ‘advisory groups’ where service users and carers come together to advise on and discuss developments.   The Mood, Anxiety & Personality department advisory group produces a brief summary of their discussions.  The purpose  is to let interested people know what is being discussed.  Please circulate as appropriate.

With best wishes,


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959
113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

The Service User and Carer Advisory Group is part of the Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) Clinical Academic Group – an organisational structure which manages services for mood, anxiety & personality disorder across the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). Most advisory Group members have experience of using mental health services or of being a family member/carer of someone who does. Other members include senior managers.  We meet every month and our aim is to keep the views of service users at the heart of all service developments and improvements. To make sure that people know what we are discussing in our meetings we have developed this short briefing sheet:

1)    Six service user/carer consultants were present at the November meeting, plus two Clinical Governance Project Officers, and the Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Lead . Apologies were received from 7 service user/carer consultants and 4 staff members.

2)    Following our interest in the process of discharge, we have arranged to continue our discussions with the Lambeth head of pathway in December.  In January, we will also meet to discuss progress on the Southwark Discharge audit and recommendations to improve the implementation of the process.

3)    We heard that the workshop with staff and advisory group members to improve reception areas was productive.  Reception staff from all boroughs except Lewisham attended and action plans were developed.   We will be monitoring progress in this area, and identifying any actions that can be developed across the clinical academic group.  Group members found it interesting to hear the perspective of receptionists.

4)    We agreed that group members would visit teams to talk to them about the importance of getting and using feedback from service users.  Members that are interested in this work will first need to understand more about the current feedback system Patient Experience Data Intelligence Centre (PEDIC).  We highlighted the fact that questionnaires are just one way of getting feedback and more qualitative information can be gained through focus groups or user forums.

5)    4 members of our group and other service user consultants will join staff to visit services to check on quality.  3 members of the group have contributed to the development of the checklist which will be used.  The reviews will be reported back both to the advisory group and to management.

6)    We heard how the work to develop the personality disorder pathway has been on hold while the appointment of the new clinical director has been finalised.  The advisory group has asked to meet the new clinical director – Dr. Hugh Jones as soon as possible.

7)    A group member has been involved in the engagement work to understand more about people’s experience of services if they have a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder or recurrent depression. A series of focus groups are being held, but it has been agreed that the engagement will be ongoing as the work is developed.

8)    Advisory group members have been asked to try out the self assessment section of the new integrated health & social care assessment.

PDF here: Briefing Sheet November 2013

Christmas Appeal for Vulnerable Southwark Children

Our parental mental health team is appealing for donations of Christmas presents for vulnerable children.

The team works with some of the most vulnerable families in Southwark and want to make sure that all the children in the families they see receive at least one Christmas present this year. They are appealing for new toys suitable for children aged up to five years old.

Lucy Brazener, Team Manager, said: “Christmas is a time for celebration and we want to make sure that all the children we see have at least one present so they can enjoy it just as much as everyone else. Some of our families really don’t have very much and may be struggling.

“Toys are not only a way for a child to have fun; they stimulate them and help with their development and Christmas is a brilliant time to make sure that they have the toys and the fun they need.”

The parental mental health team is a nurse-led service, jointly run by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) and Southwark Council, which works to provide help and support for parents who have children under five and are experiencing mental distress.

The team recognises the needs of parents as individuals with mental health problems and the needs of their children. They aim to promote positive parenting and minimise the impact their mental health difficulties may have on their children through supporting the parent.

The team will see parents with a range of mental health problems and they often work jointly with other community teams and children’s services. This service is available for any Southwark parent and service users are referred from a variety of different health services.

Any donations should be sent by Friday 20 December to:

Parental Mental Health Team Christmas Appeal

General Office

Maudsley Hospital

Denmark Hill



For more information about the appeal or about referrals to the team please contact Lucy Brazener on

Maudsley Long Gallery exhibition by George Harding

Invitation to see:

Art Leads to External Places By George Harding Opening 5 December, 5 – 8pm

Maudsley Long Gallery

The inaugural exhibition, by artist George Harding, centres on art’s ability to transport the individual. His work obscures and transcends the boundaries between reality, imagination and dreams. Harding’s painting Alignment, now in the Bethlem Museum’s collection, became iconic within the history of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust when it was used for the Trust’s Arts Strategy, and subsequently reached global audiences on the front cover of a Lancet publication in 2011.

Maudsley Long Gallery was established in 2013 following a grant from the Maudsley Charity. The gallery space uses a reclaimed staff corridor that was previously locked and unused. The space is now open to the everyone. Please enter at the main reception and head past the Sanctuary, where the new Long Gallery is located leading to the Dining room (parallel to the main corridor).

Exhibition continues 6 December 2013 – 31 January 2014
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 8pm

The Long Gallery
Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill
020 3228 2830
Please note: The Long Gallery team meet annually (in July) to plan exhibitions for the following year. There are four exhibitions a year. We tend to prioritise SLaM service user art however we take applications from everyone. Applications to exhibit can be made by email to: