Healthwatch Lewisham – Wellvember Fayre – 25th November

Lewisham Healthwatch Wellvember Fayre

25th November 2013

An event to have your say and to find out more about health and social care services in Lewisham

Matthew attended this event and has done a great job at taking photos and doing audio and video blogs.

You can find them all here:


Video blog:

Audio blog: 


Well worth a look!


Lewisham Mental Health and Wellbeing Day – 19th November 2013

Lewisham Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Tuesday 19th November 2013 at the Civic Suite, Catford

This event was hosted by The Lewisham Mental Health Partnership Board (which includes NHS Lewisham CCG, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Lewisham Adult Services and London Borough of Lewisham).

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Stakeholder Event provided an opportunity for all ‘stakeholders’ i.e. people with an interest in mental health, to come together and discuss mental health service provision in Lewisham. Whether they were interested in finding out more about mental health, wanted to get involved in discussions about community mental health teams, or just to pop in to pick up a leaflet or even stay for the whole event.

Matthew has done great blogs of this event – an audio blog, a slideshow blog as well as taking photos.

You can find them all here:


Slideshow blog:

Audio blog: 

Transcript of the blogs:

All well worth a look and a listen!

Carers Lewisham – Black History Month and Mental Health Event

Matthew attended the Black History Month and Mental Health event at Carers Lewisham on 14th October 2013.

Matthew has taken photos, done a great video, an audio and also a transcript of his audio of this event.

The photos are at:

The video is on our YouTube channel:

The audio is:


Questions for carers to think about asking Health Professionals

This is an audio blog by Matthew who is a carer.

They are his thoughts and suggestions about questions that carers can ask health professionals about their cared for person.

It contains some really useful tips and advice.

Carers Lewisham: Fundraising for Young Carers: An audio blog by Matthew

Matthew attended a fundraising event at Carers Lewisham on 4th August. This is his lovely audio blog about the event and the great support that Carers Lewisham offers to all carers.