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You may have heard that in a few weeks’ time the SLaM TWIG Ops social media accounts will be moving to a new home. The accounts will be here for a while yet but once they’re gone you’ll be able to continue following news and views about South London and Maudsley (SLaM) and its services at @maudsleynhs and They are moving to become part of SLaM’s thriving online community – alongside more than 8,000 service users, patients, staff and the public. You can continue to send your information, updates and opinions to a contact who will share your posting with this wider audience and of course you’ll be able to make posts yourself if you are already on twitter or facebook. We hope that TWIG Ops followers will join us, create debate and help to raise awareness of mental health issues locally and beyond.

The TWIG Ops team will be working with us to help with the transition phase and will also make some improvements to our website that will provide new information and resources for anyone who wants to get involved with the Trust and find out about local events run by other organisations, news and issues relating to mental health. The TWIG Ops team will keep you updated and will post here with updates during the transition.

Best wishes

Sarah Crack

Head of Communications and Media SLaM


CoolTan Arts Largactyl Midnight Shuffle – 21st June 2014

On Saturday June 21st 2014, 11.45pm to 5am, Sunday June 22nd 2014 Matthew Mckenzie joined CoolTan Arts on a fun, guided midnight walk through South London.

This is his great video blog of the event talking about the walk, the talks along the way, games on ‘mad’ buildings, nightworking, surrealism and the anxious city.

Matthew also took lots of great pictures – you can see them on our Facebook page:

Thank you Matthew!

Friends of Cathja Event – 18th June 2014

Matthew Mckenzie visited the Friends of Cathja Community Boat talk from their experts about mental health, creativity and unique community of makes.

There was a also a premiere of an ethnographic film ‘The Potential Space’ about the Cathja community by artist Albert Potrony as well as the inaugural performance of Dave Auld’s Shanty written especially for Cathja.

Matthew has done a great video blog of this event – complete with snippits of shanties!

You can watch Matthew’s video here: 

He has also posted some photos on our Facebook page:

All well worth a look –  Thank you Matthew.

HearUs Open Forum meeting – Tuesday 6th May 2014

Matthew Mckenzie attended the HearUs Open Forum meeting on Tuesday 6th May 2014.

This month’s guest presenters were Peter from Mind in Croydon, Sarah Mines from the Untapped Theatre Company, Dr Constantina Papoulias from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience, KCL , Georgina Boon, Dr Joseph Rodrigues and Dietitian specialist Deborah Thompson.

Matthew has done a great video blog about this event.  It includes a lot of information about medication and diet – and much more….


You can also view photos of the event here:

An evening of wellness: your mind, your health – Mental Health Awareness Week May 2014

Matthew Mckenzie attend “An evening of wellness: your mind, your health”. This event ran as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, and together we can hosted an evening of talks and performances to showcase some of the projects supported by Maudsley Charity for the benefit of service users and the local community.

We heard from 4 projects being the

The SLaM Recovery College
Hearing Things
Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014
Mind and Soul Choir

Matthew covered the event for us and has done great audio and video blogs and has also taken photos.

You can watch his video blog here:

Listen to his audio blog here:

Look at his photos here:

Great job as always Matthew – Thank you


Lambeth BME “Health and Wellbeing” Event – 3 May 2014

Matthew Mckenzie was at the Karibu educational centre in the London borough of Lambeth Brixton on 3rd May 2014 to attend the “Health and Well-being Event” run by the Africa Advocacy Foundation & the Community Therapies and Training Services. With help from the Rafiki Project and Safer.

The event featured discussions, presentations and art exhibitions plus poetry. The event was educational and informative on a range of health topics being mental health, HIV and Female Genital Mutilation. Plus there was a ground breaking theatre in Education performance by a group of young actors titled “Are you positive?”

Matthew has done  great audio and video blogs of the event.   They are  very informative and the plays and poetry are so very moving.   Well worth watching and listening to!

You can watch Matthew’s video blog here:

Listen to his audio blog here: 

Look at his photos of the event here:

Thank you Matthew for doing such a great job!

Depression Awareness Week 26th April – 3rd May 2014

Matthew Mckenzie has done a video to raise awareness about depression for this important week.


It is very informative and well worth a watch.


Thank you for doing this Matthew.