Bullying from SLaM to shut the blog rather than make it inactive

Dear all,

Earlier today we notified SLaM that our last post would be on 8th September, after which the blog would be dormant until or unless we secured future funding.

SLaM responded by telling us that we had to change the blog domain address (which they knew was impossible), or to shut down the site. Leaving it dormant was not an option.

After we challenged the legality of their edict, they backtracked.

Here’s today’s emails: Corres with SLaM Comms 14th August

It’s so sad that they are trying to make us disappear, so that the blog can’t even be a historical resource.

If you’re cross or sad about this, please email the Head of Comms: Sarah.Crack@slam.nhs.uk and / or the Chief Exec: matthew.patrick@slam.nhs.uk, copied to me at d.rosieruk@gmail.com .

Best wishes,


Blog Administrator

2 Comments on “Bullying from SLaM to shut the blog rather than make it inactive”

  1. christhegoth says:

    Have just sent this letter in to Sarah Crack. I copied in D and Steve Davidson:


    Dear Sarah,

    I’m going to say this once, and once only. Cover-ups solve nothing.

    The reason why I am saying this is because you want to destroy the much-loved SLAM TWIG Ops blog. You want to disassociate SLAM with it, by either having it moved or destroyed.

    I can only assume you are panicking about Govt funding, and have gone too far.

    PPI is part of Recovery, and Service Users are allowed an opinion ( by law ). As such to destroy a record of those real opinions is clearly VERY dodgy. It doesn’t matter if they approve or oppose Govt decisions; they are allowed to have this view ( as voters ). Funding is different, fair enough; as that is the gagging bill; but even so. Denying Service Users a voice on Welfare Benefits Issues ( which is political, obviously ) is clearly not going to help anyone recover.

    Leave them alone, or I’ll raise the issue with Croydon CCG. I do not like how you are working at present I have to say. Destroying the evidence is EXTREMELY bad practice. I understand The Law has been changed re funding ( in the year leading up to a General Election ), but even so. In normal times you are allowed to collect data and pass it to both commissioners & Ministers ( gentle Lobbying ). And after Election 2015 you will be allowed to fund it again, so will need the historical record so you can compare & contrast over time. It’s just in the current year that things have got a bit weird.

    Steve understands this, so I suggest you learn from him on this one. As a Comms manager I’m surprised that you’d make this mistake, but there you go.



    I smell a manager who doesn’t know her subject well enough.

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