Future of our social media: August update

Dear all,

Last month we told you about SLaM’s plan’s to pull funding from our social media on 30th September here: https://slamtwigops.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/funding-will-cease-for-our-social-media-in-less-than-3-months/

Thank you to all of you who wrote in to SLaM, asking for a reconsideration.

Later last month we updated you on the new date of 8th September here: https://slamtwigops.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/update-re-the-future-of-our-social-media/

We were called to a meeting earlier this week, at 2 days notice, which two of our team were able to make. The notes of that meeting are here: Notes of Meeting to discuss SLaM Blog. You’ll note that there was no dialogue: it was simply a meeting for SLaM to tell us of their latest decisions, lead by by the Trust Director for Patient and Public Involvement.

At that meeting, we were told of the latest plan: that there would be a cut of 50% in our funding from 8th September, which would stop altogether on 30th October. In addition we were asked to provide advice to the SLaM Comms team on setting up new, SLaM run platforms, within this new 50% funding level.

SLaM seem to fundamentally not “get” the reasons for the need for an independent service user and carer led voice, or to understand why so many of it’s current and former patients are fearful of engagement with Trust-led initiatives. We have done all we can to explain this, time and time again, and we’re incredibly sorry that we’ve not been heard, on your behalf.

Your social media team have been unable to find a way to continue our services in anything like their current forms until that date, with these cuts, so this is to let you know that the blog will stop taking postings on 8th September. Our Facebook and Twitter presence may continue until the end of October.

On a personal note, may I take this opportunity to say that for me it has been a very great pleasure to have worked with you over the last three and a half years, and to have been part of this growing community which we have helped to link up :-). I am incredibly sorry to see the blog and our other platforms go, and can’t see how new platforms, run by the Trust, can replace them, when so many people are so suspicious of their health provider, based on their own direct experience :-(.

With best wishes,


Blog Adminstrator


5 Comments on “Future of our social media: August update”

  1. Dan Robotham says:

    I am sad to hear this news. The TWIG Opps blog has been a valuable source of information since I started working down in South London. For me, it has been a fantastic hub through which to advertise involvement opportunities. You have always been willing and able to help. There is definitely a need for this sort of hub within South London. Not sure what we will do without you!

  2. Amosi Omerri says:

    Hi D,

    What is the total annual budget?



    Sent from my iPad


    • D Rosier says:

      We need about £9000 p/a for all of our social media, which includes about £5,000 for the blog. We also need to be paid PAYE i.e. on someone’s payroll.

  3. Pepa says:

    Very sorry to see you go. The blog has been an independent, invaluable source of information to SUs (and some employees!) Many staff continue to strive to provide a caring, collaborative service but SLaM management appear to have forgotten their key remit i.e. supporting and enabling service users. I should know. I’ve been a patient for 11 years and SLaM is a shadow of its former self particularly in taking a holistic approach to the well being of SUs. Benefit advisors cut from CMHTs and withdrawal of funding for this independent forum (£6000 per annum) being cases in point. I couldn’t give a flying fiddle for ‘Bedlam’ and TV awards. Shame the same can not be said for Board and their henchmen (sic). An offer of improving Trust-led (i.e Trust manipulated) SU initiatives is merely short change.

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