Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin – August 2014

Dear All,

Hope everyone is well!  This is our summer communication.  Obviously, trust that you manage to take advantage of the lovely weather and take good care of your wellbeing!

So I won’t bore you with much details  as usual visit  our ebulleting  at   The Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin

Among the highlights are:

* The Big White Wall is now avail free for Southwark residents


* The launch of the new website with tools for individuals and comunities- everything about wellbeing! do visit and play, you won’t be dissapointed!   Why well-being matters More and more research is showing us how certain actions, activities and practices can improve our moods, reduce the risk of depression, strengthen relationships, keep us healthy and even add seven years to our lives. We think people need to know more about this, so we have designed a website to spread the word.

Both the Wheel of Well-being and this website are the result of a design collaboration between the Mental Health Promotion Team at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Uscreates, a strategic consultancy delivering social value.


* The Social Determinants of Mental Health Report.

Cyberbullying report from EU Kids Online

The pursuit of happiness: a new ambition for our mental health


……all that maybe for a summer reading ????


* Grant funding opportunities………

* Advice for parents in Lambeth regarding available activities for young people

much, much more to find out……

*  CALL TO ARTISTS: WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION by Sharp, 0203 228 7050 or,07790 807 314

                       * STORM course a free certified suicide prevention training particular helpful those people who work with people ‘at risk’.

contact :Craig, Claudia-


Happy summer!



Anamaria Florin, MRSH
Mental Wellbeing Officer
Lambeth and Southwark Public Health

    Tel: 020 7525 0272

Location Address:
160 Tooley St, Hub 2 First Floor, London SE1 2QH

Postal Address:
PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5HY
My workdays are Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday





We would like to encourage you that within your wellbeing work/ activities to measure wellbeing by using the short Warwick Edinburgh scale. Please, visit for details :

By the way, it may be helpful to have handy the working definiton of wellbeing is  (locally agreed): ‘to feel positive about the present, feeling hopeful about the future; feeling confident about being able to handle life’s stresses and problems; and feeling that mostly life is fulfilled and rewarding’

Why Mindfulness now :


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