MHFA Art Show

Hi there!

We are really excited to let you know that going forward we would really like to hold a mental health themed art event early next year. As it’s early days, we are still working out the logistics of how to run the event and the finer details are still to be combed through.

We still need your help!

MHFA would love to showcase art that was created by people with lived experience of mental health issues. The way that we are intending to use the art is to challenge people’s perceptions of mental health, open up conversations around mental health more easily using artwork as a focus point and provide a really interactive session where people can explore mental health through a different, and very creative, medium.

If you, or you know of somebody, who would be happy for their artwork to be used at an event then we would really appreciate if you could please send a photograph of the pieces you would like to be considered. At this stage, I would suggest only to submit work that you would be happy to have you as the named artist. Also, if you could include a brief explanation/interpretation then this will help when it comes to the selection process. Submission of artwork photographs would be on a purely voluntary basis.

Please note that we may not be able to use all artwork at events but we will incorporate as much as we can.

Our next working group meeting is on 21st August so we would love to be able to show some examples at this meeting.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and seeing some great artwork!

Best wishes,

Emma Gunn

 Emma Gunn

Client Relationship Manager

A: 49 – 51 East Road, London N1 6AH

T: 020 7250 8386

M: 07738946315


Via Angela


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