Funding will cease for our social media in less than 3 months!

On 3rd July our current SLaM funder announced that they will cease to fund our media platforms at the end of September.

This news saddens us, because we all know that without the blog, Facebook and Twitter there would be limited space for those who use the mental health services to get their views heard, and hear other people’s stories.

Without our social media it would be difficult to support voluntary communities’ campaigns and let people know what these communities are doing.

Although some of will always strive to do social media in one form or another, we would prefer the involvement accounts to continue in their current shape rather than them disappearing.

If our social media is no longer funded, most of this work will be under threat or stop altogether on 30th September.

We all believe that it is really important to have service user and carer independent media. There are many benefits to SLaM: it is good PR for them to facilitate our platforms; staff can use it to signpost their clients to community resources and opportunities etc.

D manages the blog, which has nearly 300 subscribers, and on top of that the blog gets about 100 hits a day (i.e. from non-subscribers).

Bridget and Matthew co-run Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Soundcloud (for audio blogs). They try to post items that are not only about involvement work with SLaM but also things that they feel will be of interest to the service users and carers who follow us – such as local community events, support groups, news items etc.

They also try to engage with service users and carers who follow us to foster a community spirit.  SLaM staff are encouraged to signpost service users and carers to our social media sites for extra support and a wealth of information. This is becoming more and more important as there are unfortunately significant cuts happening in the NHS both with physical and mental care.

Within Matthew’s social media role on the South London Involvement Forum, he works hard helping to run its Facebook, twitter and YouTube account.  He also physically goes out to attend and support mental health communities in South London.

Our Facebook page currently has over 100 ‘Likes’ and we have over 800 followers on Twitter.  Matthew does excellent video blogs that we post on YouTube.  His blog for “Depression Awareness Day” was picked up by a major website, Psych Central, in USA and placed on their website.

We only have a short time to persuade SLaM to change its mind, or to come up with an alternative funding solution. Can you help us with any of these things? Do you have money or access to funds that could contribute to this?

If you value the blog, our Facebook page and / or our tweets, you can help now by writing to SLaM to tell them how it is of use to you and asking them to reconsider their decision to withdraw our funding (about £500 per month).

Please write to our current funder, Zoe at and SLaM Head of Communications, Sarah at You may wish to copy it to the Chief Executive, Matthew Patrick at

Please send us a copy at We suggest you don’t use our SLaM address as the Trust can of course shut down our access to this at any moment.

Please share this widely.

We will also be posting on Facebook and twitter, and we would be grateful if you could share these also.

Best wishes,

Abi, Bridget, D and Matthew

Your SLIF Communications team


7 Comments on “Funding will cease for our social media in less than 3 months!”

  1. […] Last month we told you about SLaM’s plan’s to pull funding from our social media on 30th September here:… […]

  2. Earl says:

    Hi D,

    I’m devastated to hear that news as I relied up you and your team to update me daily and weekly of any upcoming news, opportunity or feedback on events that I did not attend.

    I’ll be in touch next week as I’m on leave but I felt that I had to tell you how much the service will be missed.

    Earl Pennycooke Interim Co Director Lambeth and Southwark Mind Cambridge House 1 Addington Square London SE5 0HF ________________________________

  3. D Rosier says:

    Thanks Chris, but we don’t have a bank account so we can’t make bids. We need to find someone who can do this for us and then pay us. Pain!

  4. christhegoth says:

    The problem is that blogs like this are seen as too political, so are being silenced by The Govt any way they can.

  5. christhegoth says:

    Comic Relief are due to make their next grants around 1st September. You need to get your bid in now, but they might slip you 6 grand a year for the next 4 years (for example).

    Don’t blame SLaM for this. The Govt are rolling with some truly evil politics at present.

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