Anxiety 2014 – Sanctuaries with Bethlem Gallery and Gasworks AND Curdled by Liz Atkin This Saturday at the ORTUS, SE5

Sanctuaries With artists Christina Kral, Patient X and Albert Potrony.
Sat 21 June, 15:00 – 17:00

ORTUS learning and events centre


For more info or to book your place:

This event is the culmination of two collaborative artists’ residencies commissioned by Anxiety 2014 and will take the form of artists’ presentations and screenings.

Artists Christina Kral and ‘Patient X’ present their collaborative work exploring the idea of personal sanctuaries and acts of self-care within the everyday. Their modular cardboard spaces look at the concept and practice of dwelling. These participatory structures are the result of a three month-long exchange of ideas and working methods between the two artists. By continuously transforming the material, the artists negotiate their environments and create temporal spaces of self-expression.

The residency is co-hosted by Gasworks and Bethlem Gallery and funded by the Maudsley Charity.

Albert Potrony’s The Potential Space has been developed after a long period of engagement with the daily activities of the Friends of Cathja barge in Isleworth. The film focuses on the relationships between the people working in this unorthodox space, the work they produce and the setting they are in. By observing the parallels between making utilitarian objects and artistic practice and by documenting some of the rhythms, routines and processes that take place on the barge, The Potential Space reflects on what can happen when we engage in the process of making in the company of others.

Albert Potrony’s The Potential Space is comissioned by Anxiety 2014 & Friends of Cathja and Funded by Time to Change & the Mental Health Foundation

This event is part of Anxiety Arts Festival 2014


Curdled by Liz Atkin

Solo exhibition commissioned for Anxiety 2014 Arts Festival

‘Curdled’ is Liz Atkin’s personal exploration of the physical manifestations of anxiety, with a particular focus on the skin as a primary source for corporeal art. Through intimate photography, performance and installation, Atkin’s newly commissioned works investigate the possibilities of marking, extending and transforming the skin. Compulsive Skin Picking, a condition related to anxiety disorders, dominated her body for more than 20 years and her practice aspires to de-stigmatise the illness, raise awareness and advocate recovery.

Free Exhibition : May 23rd – 3rd July from 9-6pm Monday – Friday

Liz Atkin

Visual Artist


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