Spiritual and Pastoral Care Service at the Maudsley

The Sunday Service takes place every week at 10.00 a.m. in the Sanctuary at the Maudsley Hospital. Everyone is welcome to attend the Service, which is led by a different member of the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Service each week. Thus, there are a variety of approaches with a broadly Christian ethos, but with a shared aim – of welcoming all those who wish to come and be part of this communal worship.

Monday’s Mindfulness Group: This session is for people who have had some meditation experience previously (e.g. attended an 8 week MBCT/MBSR programme) and would like a place to practice regularly in a group with minimal guidance. The session offers a 45 minute seated mindfulness practice and 15 minutes discussion afterwards. This session is run by Becky Gould who is a Clinical Psychologist working at The institute of Psychiatry. For more information please contact: rebecca.gould@slam.nhs.uk

Tuesday’s Yoga Movement Meditation: Starting on 7th January 2014, this session offers a chance to explore playfully through yoga movement. Increased awareness through breathing and movement informs us of how we are relating to the ground, the space around, and others with whom we share our experiences. Ed Fellows has been facilitating yoga at Slam for over 12 years. He is a member of the Spiritual Pastoral Care Service at Slam, and runs trainings and workshops on integrating psychotherapy, emotional body awareness, and yoga.

Wednesday’s Staff Christian Prayer Group: The group has been meeting for at least 16 years. The meetings are informal and provide a space for individual and collective prayer. There is no formal membership of the group. This is a Christian prayer group, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Friday’s Prayer Group: This is a closed staff prayer group. For more information please contact joseph.lamptey@slam.nhs.uk

Loss and Grief Support Group: This group offers a confidential place to share our own experiences and to listen to others’. The group meets fortnightly for six sessions and is structured to provide safety and containment.

We often feel most alone at times of loss and find that others expect us to have ‘moved on’ before we are ready. This is a sympathetic and supportive place to understand our feelings and our basic human need to go through the pain of grieve. Please contact Julia Head: julia.head@slam.nhs.uk

Flyer here: WellBeingPosterA4v8 (2)

Via Carmine


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