Blog name change!

Dear all,

SLaM TWIG Ops Committee was disbanded in December 2013, and since then we have been chasing SLaM to give us the minutes of the last meeting and a statement regarding it’s closing, to share with you and the TWIG Ops Committee. As soon as we have this we will post it.

SLaM have also announced a review of all of our SLaMTWIGOps media presences which they fund, i.e. the blog, Facebook and Twitter, and this has prompted us to begin another review of these things ourselves.

The first change we have made is a new working title, which we hope more accurately reflects what we do. In due course we will be asking for your ideas on what we should be called :-).

We will keep you in the loop about the discussions we will be having, which will be lead by SLaM’s Head of Communications. At key points in these discussions, we will be asking for your views, and we very much hope you will get involved so that we can continue to do the best possible job for our subscribers and visitors, across all our media platforms.

If you have any thoughts now, we’d be very grateful if you could add them as comments to this post.

The blog is used by many health and third sector organisations, to make contact with service users and carers in South London. Twitter and Facebook have followers and friends across the Country.

Our media platforms belong to you, the people who use them, and we need your input to try to ensure that funding stays in place to provide these forums for everyone who wishes to be involved, and that we can continue to have a degree of independence from the Trust, as the key to our presences is that they are run by service users and carers, for service users and carers.

Best wishes,

Abi, Bridget, D and Matthew

Communications team



One Comment on “Blog name change!”

  1. turq says:

    Hi there. I only found out what slamtwigops meant last week- it is a bit of a weird one from an outsider/service user perspective. but the alarmist in me (hey, i’ve been using slam for 4 years now- i’ve learned to be pessimistic) hearing about a review….eek
    Can I just say that slamtwigops blog, as well as letting me know some of the stuff happening in slam, has been the *only* route into meaningful ‘treatment’ I’ve had, despite having had time in formal slam therapy.. It was a bit of an accident that I found slamtwigops blog late last year, but through it, I’ve discovered the Lambeth & Southwark Mind Women’s Forum, which led me to Project Dare and some other events/networks, and also forced myself to go along to *brilliant* sessions at Cooltan, and the Recovery College stuff. The contrast between SLAM’s formal therapies (which from what i’ve seen of people who did get the therapy that was meant to be being provided), is that they seem to further disable people and encourage dependence, whereas in the service-user-run/third sector services/networks you come away feeling a bit better and importantly, empowered, and it is due *entirely* to being able to find these non-SLAM services via this forum.

    I understand there will increasingly be more focus on service-user led provision, but the anticipation is that these will be signposted by CMHT. My own CPN is really good, and has told me about some probably good services (which I’ve now become so undermined I can’t use), but he doesn’t know everything going on. There’s no way of making sure all CMHTs and care coordinators know what’s happening, and with cuts, many people don’t even get as far as CMHT. I’d see the role of slamtwigops (with a better name) information dissemination as being central in this new way of delivery. I was thinking of it being a signposting analogy, but it’s more than that, it’s a gateway; once you’ve found one connection in the third sector it opens up lots more (in significant contrast to slam, where even if one door opens, all others remain firmly barred). Sorry to go on. I just think you don’t know how important you are, and have been, and i’m sure your funders probably don’t.

    A quick criticism (and mostly because today there was a notice about slam pastoral care advising of something that had started in january)- is that things can be a bit out of date. you probably need some more money to be able to put toward a link-checking exercise, and to do a bit more outreach with eg third sector orgs to ensure they advertise services before they happen. and i don’t know if it’s in your remit, but somehow identifying services available to all (rather than just for those who’ve navigated the minefield of pips or personal budgets or whatever it is) would be *lovely*

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