Workfare – anything but fair!

Hi there,

Our Charity sector is facing a new threat.

The government has launched its new “Help to Work Scheme” which will force long term unemployed people to do unpaid work for six months in charities or face losing their benefits for up to three years.

Unite, along with Oxfam and another 30 charities has signed up to a new campaign to Keep Volunteering Voluntary. Can you help by asking your employer to sign this simple pledge and ask your organisation to refuse to participate in the ‘Help to Work Scheme’. You can find details and sign the pledge here.

This new scheme undermines the whole principle behind volunteering. There is also no evidence that it helps long-term unemployed find jobs.

Workfare mandates people to work for free with the threat of having their benefits taken away hanging over them. It also replaces paid jobs with unpaid jobs, providing a taxpayer subsidy to major UK employers.

If you have experience of workfare in your organisation then we’d like to hear from you. Please share your stories here.

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Many thanks


Sally Kosky
National Officer
Unite for Our Society


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