Lewisham Consultation with Victims-Survivors of Violence Against Women and Girls

My name is Amena Zaman and I am working for Imkaan (www.imkaan.org.uk). Imkaan have been commissioned by Lewisham council to consult with women who have exited violence living in Lewisham. The outcomes of the consultation will inform the council’s VAWG strategy, which is due this summer.

We are looking to interview and run focus groups with women who have experienced domestic and other forms of violence, such as stalking, sexual violence/rape, forced marriage, sexual exploitation and those who have exited prostitution, to collect their experiences about services they may have accessed in Lewisham.

We are particularly interesting in interviewing a woman from the LBT community and a women living with a registered disability.

Please do take a look at the attached documents and please do let me know if you have any service users that may want to participate, via amenazaman@btinternet.com.

(1)Information sheet for women and girls

Imkaan Intro VAWG consultation 2014

LBL Consultation Briefing

Thank you very much for your time.

Kindest regards


Via Peter

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