Promoting recovery course in Lewisham

9 Session course for carers who care for young adults (aged between 16 – 37)

For all carers in Lewisham, supporting carers to care healthily

Aim of course: To support family and friends who care for someone with mental health issues.
To prevent major relapse and promote recovery for their cared for relatives by empowering, educating, and allowing carers to become more self-aware around Mental Health. Supporting carers to combat stigma and discrimination, and promoting social inclusion.

Client group: Family Carers who care for young adults (aged between 16 – 37).

The first course will start early in 2014.

The fortnightly Sessions will take place at the Carers Centre in Waldram Place, Forest Hill, SE23 2LB.

Please refer any carers who you think would benefit from this course to Jey Sivathasan.

NB This is not an open course, carers will be assessed before they can participate.

Flyer here: Promote recover course 2014 flyer

Via Matthew

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