Are you interested in taking part in a research study?

I am currently engaged in doctoral studies into mental health and spirituality. I am researching the nature of spirituality in the professional helping relationships of women with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.  I am looking for volunteers who are women aged 19-40 who have been given a label of borderline personality disorder, but who are not currently undergoing treatment for that disorder. You cannot take part in this study if you are a current NHS patient including outpatient or community services.

The study involves you attending a one hour taped interview with me, as the primary researcher and talking about your experiences, your recovery and your spirituality. Travel expenses will be reimbursed if you travel to meet me and I am able to travel to meet with you at a mutually agreeable venue.

I would appreciate any help you can give me with this study. I am hoping to gather information that can contribute to mental health education and inform future therapeutic relationships.

If you want to know more or would like to talk with me directly then I’m happy to give you a ring at your convenience. My contact details are below.

Many thanks for your interest

Kind regards

Deborah Watkins  020 83318072 07867380912


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