keeping people updated about the proposed changes to Lewisham Adult Mental Health Services

Hello everyone,

In November 2013,  we held the Mental Health and Wellbeing Stakeholders Day.  Around 200 people attended.   At the event this year, we held focussed discussions about some changes to community adult mental health services. I have attached a brief report which outlines what information was given out and what we learned from stakeholders.

Lewisham AMH stakeholders day 2013 report final

I would also like to remind you about the meeting we are holding in January (see attached flyer) to keep people informed and involved in the process.   Please do circulate to those who you feel may be interested.

A4 flyer – stakeholder feedback Jan 2014

With best wishes


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement Lead – Mood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959

113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ


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