Musical Inspirations and calls for Donations to The Dragon This Christmas


Want to take part or support with a donation?

The tingling triumph of the triangle trio in November and Sarah’s talk about needing funding and awareness for The Dragon Café somehow gave birth to a fun (ambitious?) little project.

During the advent period (starting 1st December 2013), Phillipa and Louise have launched Tingle Jingle Mingle as videos of people playing the triangle each day – one person on 1st, two on the 2nd, twenty five on the 25th.

Want to join in and bring your friends?

Contact Phillipa and Louise at: for more information and daily updates. for videos.

If this has given you some festive cheer than maybe you would like to spread the joy by making a donation to help us to continue inspiring at The Dragon Cafe into 2014 and beyond.

Go to our homepage

and click on the DONATE button.

Many Thanks!

Come Over to the DC_Mailchimp Tingle Jingle Mingle_Dec.13_Image

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