“Embracing Collaboration and Celebrating Mental Wellbeing” an event hosted by Msaada and The Rafiki Project

“Embracing Collaboration and Celebrating Mental Wellbeing” in Black History Month was hosted by Msaada & Rafiki Project on 30th October 2013 at the ORTUS, Maudsley Learning Centre, SE5. This event was collaboration between South London and Maudsley NHS Trust and Africa Advocacy Foundation as well as other organisations.

The event was a chance to share experiences about mental wellbeing in African and Caribbean communities and to learn how to challenge stigma and discrimination in mental health. It was also an opportunity to celebrate community champions with a certificate presentation and to enjoy Spoken Word, Poetry and Music.

Matthew has taken photos, done great audio and video blogs and also written the transcript

These can all be found here:

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.629262980449805.1073741861.476820022360769&type=3

Video: http://youtu.be/bA969hdirdM


Transcript: http://www.scribd.com/doc/182320854/%E2%80%9CEmbracing-Collaboration-and-Celebrating-Mental-Wellbeing%E2%80%9D-was-hosted-by-Msaada-Rafiki-Project

They are all well worth a look.


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