Southwark and Lambeth Wellbeing network 2-5pm, 11 Nov, The Cinema Museum

The Wellbeing network is an open event for all across Lambeth and Southwark to support the work led by Public Health to raise awareness about how we can all work to improve the wellbeing of people living and working in both boroughs.

The aim of events is to share evidence and practice about what promotes wellbeing and enthuse more people to think about it in their work/life.

Please hold the date for the next Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing network which will take place on Monday, 11th November between 2-5pm at The Cinema Museum, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Rd), London, SE11 4TH who have kindly offered their venue pro bona in support of wellbeing work in both boroughs.

Network meetings are open to  ALL who are interested in how we can improve the wellbeing of people living and working in both boroughs; commissioners, residents  practioners and policy makers. This event will focus on how we can look after our mental wellbeing and stay resilient during difficult economic times. The sessions will include case studies from both boroughs and practical tips to use for yourself and the people you work with.

Delegates are invited to stay for an optional mindfulness session and informal networking afterwards. An agenda and booking form will be sent out in due course.

We look forward to spending time together planning how we can work together on this important issue.


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