Community mental health survey 2013

Read the results of our latest survey which looked at the experiences of people receiving community mental health services.

Eligibility and participation

  • Participants: over 13,000
  • Response rate: 29 per cent
  • Age range:18 years and older
  • Time period: July to September 2012
  • Eligibility: People who received care or treatment for a mental health condition, including services provided under the Care Programme Approach (CPA).
  • Exclusions: People who were only seen once for an assessment, current inpatients, and anyone primarily receiving treatment in specific areas such as drug and alcohol abuse, learning disability services and specialist forensic services.

Key Findings for England

People generally responded positively to questions asking about staff – including when answering questions about the health or social care worker that they had seen most recently and their care co-ordinator (or lead professional).

However, improvements can still be made in most other areas including information and involvement in decisions about:

  • medication.
  • care planning.
  • care reviews.
  • crisis care.
  • support with day to day living.

For more information read the national summary which describes the findings for England as a whole.

The results tables include comparisons with findings from the 2012 survey and identify statistically significant changes.

Results for NHS trusts

These results show how trusts performed on questions that could be scored in each area covered by the questionnaire.

The technique used to analyse these results allows us to identify which trusts we can confidently say performed ‘Better’, ‘Worse’ or ‘About the same’.

Find out how each trust scored in our A-Z list of community mental health services survey results by NHS trust.

For detailed information on how we scored the NHS trusts, please read the technical document below.

Benchmark reports

Each trust was also provided with a benchmark report on its scores in the survey. The reports benchmark the trust’s performance against all other trusts and identify areas for improvement.

The information in the benchmark reports provide more detail about the data contained on our NHS trust pages.

Download the individual benchmark reports for each trust from the NHS Surveys website.

Pre-release access list

You can find a list of individuals that had access to the results of the survey prior to publication below.


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