Art exhibition by a SLaM out patient

A show called ‘C.R.O.S Installation 1′, Portico Gallery, London

London Artform: film, visual arts   Contact: Phil Beeken

At Portico Gallery 23A Knight’s Hill, West Norwood, South London, SE27 0HS

Continually twenty four hours a day until 30th September 2013

In the window of the Portico Gallery at present is an evolving art research project by the artist Phil Beeken. Mutating from a short information film, a continually growing video shown on a variable number of screens plays on a 24 hour loop. The artist expands both the film and the installation space as time goes on. It is an esoteric study into the fractured nature of the psychogeographical micro and the macro cosmos. A personal view of  London, madness and long walks with a video camera.

Unconventional and idiosyncratic, the work asks the viewer to question exactly what it is they really expect to see in a gallery space…  ‘Who wants to be told what to think?’

The show is viewed from the outside of the gallery, however email for a guide of the piece and further information.

The show is best viewed past sun down as it contains projections.


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