Latest Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin

Dear All,

The latest Public Health Lambeth & Southwark wellbeing e-bulletin is now available with new display, news, training and consultations. Well, we have improved our look. We hope you like it and most importantly you find it useful, helpful and maybe on certain occassions inspirational.

Among the new info , you will find ‘training’ with lots of courses for free!, for instance free MHFA courses that you can share with colleagues and volunteers; check out new grants in the funding category. Also the consultation on (the future of Mental Health Day Opportunities in Southwark and BIG Lambeth Health Debate launches a live online discussion for Lambeth residents )- w h y not read the new report (Mind/Health Foundation) : ‘Building Resilient Communities: Making every contact count for public mental health’ that has good recommendations and evidence of what works and improve s our support to communities at this poignant time.

Something new to highlight is our ‘shout your healthy tip’ category – maybe you will like to share with all of us some tips that work for you and helps to keep ourselves in a moderate harmony , let’s have your inspirational tip, too!

Lastly but not least, keep me informed of your good work that you need to share with others so I can publish it on the blog. By the way, as I work 3 days weekly, my intention is to check the blog once every week, particularly to check out any comments that you may send us. It would be ideal to have the chance to have a bit of conversation regarding the agenda on how to improve our wellbeing in the conditions that we are in.

of course there is much more on the blog…..
please, visit:
keep up the good work,

Best wishes,

Anamaria Florin, MRSH
Mental Wellbeing Officer
Lambeth and Southwark Public Health
Tel: 020 7525 0272

Location Address:
160 Tooley St, Hub 2 First Floor, London SE1 2QH

Postal Address:
PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5HY


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