LGBT? Please share your views on Mental Health

Why do some people struggle with their mental health and others don’t? Your opinions are needed. 

Research has shown that compared to their heterosexual counterparts:

•     LGBT youth are more likely to attempt suicide

•     Lesbian and bisexual women are more likely to have alcohol related problems

•     Gay and bisexual men are more likely to have body image disorders

The RaRE (Risk and Resilience Explored) Survey last month and will compare the mental health of LGBT people with non-LGBT people through a series of questions designed to identify the risk factors and protective factors associated with positive and poor mental health.  Factors under study include relationships, drug use, presence or absence of family support and self-esteem.

Margaret Unwin, Chief Executive of PACE said: “We anticipate that the project will provide new insights into the mental health of the LGBT community. The ultimate aim of the project is to change support programmes and influence local and national policy and practice.”

Professor Elizabeth Peel of Worcester University, member of the RaRE Academic Panel said:

“PACE is working with a range of stakeholders on this important project.  We hope to get 2000 people to complete the survey so that we have a robust piece of research that will contribute significantly to knowledge of this issue.”

PACE’s RaRE project is funded by the Big Lottery and partners include Aston, Worcester, London South Bank and Brunel Universities, and continues until mid 2014.

All people aged 18 years or over, of any sexuality, living in England are invited to participate in the study, which takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Click on the link to complete the survey:

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One Comment on “LGBT? Please share your views on Mental Health”

  1. revjwolfe says:

    One reason the overturning of DOMA is so important – it broke down walls of homophobia and allows LGBT to have a normal life just like their heterosexual counterparts. To be able to finally be recognized as the citizens they have always been , but denied the over 1001 legal benefits to marriage that their heterosexual counterparts have enjoyed. This will help change the landscape of LGBT mental health. Already kids as young as six, are recognizing their sexual identity and sexual gender. Kids in junior high are coming out where in my day, they may never come out, and if they did, it was only after drinking themselves into oblivion, or simply denying who they are and trying to keep up “appearances” because of other expectations. We will see a change in the mental health of LGBT community as our society in the U.S. finally begins to grow up, put away stereotypes and bigotry and realize that we are all people of one race – the human race. It matters not whether you are gay, straight, single, married, transexual or transgendered, YOU ARE important. YOU are NOT a mistake. God does NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Being gay is NOT a sin.

    Organizations like Matthew Vines’ “The Reformation Project” which is helping to eradicate homophobia from the Christian church one lecture at a time, will help Christians to finally mature and embrace the life of Jesus by learning how to “serve all with love”

    Rev Brother Jeff Wolfe, M.Div. (Candidate)
    St John XXIII Pastoral & Outreach Center – ACCUS
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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