Mood, Anxiety & Personality Services – SLaM mental health service user and carer advisory group – summary of discussions – July 2013

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The departments that manage the services at South London & Maudsely NHS Foundation Trust have ‘advisory groups’ where service users and carers come together to advise on and discuss developments.   The Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) department advisory group produces a brief summary of their discussions.  The purpose  is to let interested people know what is being discussed.  Please circulate as appropriate.

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Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959
113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ


Service User and Carer Advisory Group : Supporting people who use Services for Mood, Anxiety & Personality

Disorders, through collaborative work with Service Managers

The Service User and Carer Advisory Group is part of the Mood, Anxiety & Personality (MAP) Clinical Academic Group – an organisational structure which manages services for mood, anxiety & personality disorder across the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). Most advisory Group members have experience of using mental health services or of being a family member/carer of someone who does. Other members include senior managers. We meet every month and our aim is to keep the views of service users at the heart of all service developments and improvements. To make sure that people know what we are discussing in our meetings we have developed this short briefing sheet:

Seven service users, one carer consultant were present, plus SLaM PPI Lead, Dep. Director, Psychiatrist (Affective Disorders), Clinical Governance Proj. Officer, and Head of Nursing

Proposed merger of Kings Health Partners (KHP) Organisations– update circulated

Personality Disorder Pathway Development Group– valuable work to date will form the basis of developing some broad suggestions to take to the strategic executive management meeting with input from Advisory Group members.

MAP CAG services presentation – a review of current services and new developments, including winning the retender for the Improving Access to Psychological Services in Lambeth and Croydon; restructuring borough-based psychological therapy teams; decommissioning two unviable inpatient units; and increasing beds in the Anxiety Disorder Unit. We heard about the proposed forthcoming work to redevelop the assessment & treatment services.  Stakeholder feedback will be part of the process to help improve access, assessment, treatment and patient experience (including out-of-hours support).  There will be a restructure of day services and the introduction of ‘re-ablement’ services, working towards social inclusion, personal budgets, specialist reviews of medication for people in primary care, co-production of care plans, and easy access to crisis and support services for people in primary care

Bi-polar pathwayKarine Macritchie, the new SLaM Consultant Psychiatrist for Affective Disorders will be working with Professor Allan Young to improve and develop the care pathway for people with bi-polar disorder. The aim is to develop research and improve clinical programmes at the same time.  Service User/Carer participation will be vital as the local networks develop and focus groups are held.  Alice will co-ordinate this ongoing involvement work.  Our thanks to Karine, who is welcome to come back to the group for an update

Discharge Audit – should be completed in the next few months. Reception Audit– complete and recommendations will go to Governance Executive Meeting in September.

Service Development Updates –consultation and focus groups have contributed to the development of the Integrated Psychological Therapies quality indicators, and a new information leaflet has been drafted.

Feedback was received from the Trustwide Involvement Group, the Family and Carers Listening Event, the Recovery College and the recent Peer Support Event.  It was all encouraging and further derails can be obtained by asking Alice (see below)

It was agreed that it could be a useful idea to hold a cross CAG advisory group meeting for all members of the adult mental health service user and carer advisory groups.

PDF version here: Briefing Sheet July 2013


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