Bethlem Museum of the Mind: Whose Narrative should be reflected in a museum of psychiatry?

As the designs for Bethlem’s new Museum of the Mind develop, one of the challenges facing the museum is the vast number of potentially conflicting voices to be acknowledged in telling the story of mental health history. From service users to psychiatrists, unpaid carers to nursing staff, porters to hospital visitors, there are many potential stories that can shape the format of the new museum.

We are currently looking at how we shape the narrative throughout the museum: whose voices we use, and where; what variety of ideas we can express and how we might do this. Most importantly, we want to hear your voice and contributions in order that the museum meets the needs of all its users.

The link below will take you to a short questionnaire on the use of narrative in the museum, which should take no more than ten minutes. If you would like to be involved in further consultations, you can also sign up for this. Your suggestions will help to ensure the new Museum of the Mind reflects the diversity of its audience.

Click here to take survey:


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