Simon Hughes Visit to TWIG Ops

Dear all,

Simon Hughes is coming to the August meeting of TWIG Ops (the Trustwide Involvement Group: Operations) for one hour.

We met with him recently about ESA and workfare, and TWIG Ops decided that it would like to use this hour to raise ESA related issues with him.

If you have a brief point you wish him to hear, or a question you wish him to consider, please let us know and we will raise as many as possible time permitting.

We need your points and questions by Monday 22nd July.

We will also do our best to publish the questions and answers on the blog, as part of the minutes of the meeting, although as these have to be ratified by the following meeting, there will be a delay in publishing. We are hoping that we can get permission to tape the session, then we can type it up and publish it separately.

It won’t be possible for us to give individual replies.

We thank you in advance for your engagement.


D and Vanessa

(SUC Chair and Vice-Chair, TWIG Ops)”


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