Psychological Medicine – SLaM mental health service user and carer advisory group – summary of discussions – May 2013

Hello all,

The departments that manage the services at South London & Maudsely NHS Foundation Trust have ‘advisory groups’ where service users and carers come together to advise on and discuss developments.   The Psychological Medicine department advisory group produces a brief summary of their discussions.  The purpose  is to let interested people know what is being discussed.  Please circulate as appropriate.

briefing – May 2013 – doc

With best wishes,


Alice Glover

Patient & Public Involvement LeadMood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959
113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ

Key points from May meeting:

1..Six people with experience of using services or being a family member / carer were present at the May meeting. Also present were the Patient & Public Involvement Lead, the lead for complex care services and a psychologist from the brain injury unit. Apologies were received from 3 service user consultants and one staff member.

2.. Following up from the last meeting, we were pleased to see the informative booklets about the eating disorders services, and to hear that the work to explore the needs of fathers is being progressed by the perinatal services.

3.. 2 members of the group told us about their work to understand what it is like to use the triage wards. They have presented their findings to the senior management team who were keen to hear what they felt were the most urgent areas for improvement. An actionplan has been produced and they will be attending a meeting in July with triage ward managers to hear about progress. The ward managers are keen to continue to work with the group members to understand the level of detail that patients want in a written copy of a care plan whilst on the ward. The members of the group fed back that the process had been positive. 2 other group members will be undertaking similar work on the mother and baby unit.

4.. We held a discussion about policing and mental health. We were glad that one of the SLaM leads for mental health liaison would be attending the July meeting so that we could explore how to raise concerns from service users. Sharing experiences of contact with the police identified a number of concerns, including people’s reluctance to complain about how they have been treated, the need for training, and the need for out of hours mental health liaison officers. The advisory group would like to hear from service users and carers if they have concerns that they would like to be raised. A member highlighted an interesting blog:

5.. 2 group members offered to help with the development of a satisfaction questionnaire for people who have used the psychiatric liaison services at hospital A&E departments.

6.. One of the carers representatives is on a steering group for a project to pilot an integrated health and social care assessment. Along with the service user representative, they raised issues such as how service users see the finished assessment and how can carers be more involved in the assessment process.

7.. A group member fed back about SLaMs work to rate itself under a new Equalities Delivery System. There was an event for all stakeholders in Croydon, and there will be an additional meeting for all members of the mental health services advisory groups.

8.. A group member fed back about forthcoming events for carers – including local ‘carers empowerment’ events and the annual Family & Carers Listening Event which is on 13th June. For more information contact Alice Glover.

9.. We heard about the progress of the SLaM ‘recovery college’ where service users and staff work together to develop and deliver training.


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