Gay/Bisexual Partner Bereavement Research

I am writing to you to see if you would be able to offer us any assistance with our research we are undertaking here at the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. We are undertaking research into gay/bisexual male partner bereavement and was hoping whether you would be able to assist us with recruitment and/or advertisement.

As you will probably know this area has not been researched to any great extent and we are trying to address this issue in research. We feel this work could hold positive implications for both LGBT bereavement and health services in the UK and possibly overseas.

We are looking to recruit gay/bisexual men who have been in a same sex relationship for at least 2 years and have been bereaved.. The interview will be undertaken by myself at a place entirely decided upon by the man being interviewed. This can be at their own home, at a community centre or even here at the University if they wish. We feel as we are undertaking the research it is only fair we should travel to meet the men but they are welcome to travel to Liverpool University too if they wish.

The interview it is expected will last around 1 and 2 hours but obviously this entirely depends on the individual. Unfortunately, because this is my PhD study we are unable to pay the participants for their attendance in this study. We would if we could reimburse participants costs but unfortunately we do not have the funding to do this as as this is my PhD research and I am self funded.

This experience I feel should be a positive one for many of the men as I suspect several of them will not have had the opportunity to talk about their own experiences of partner loss before. I have attached several pieces of information for you including the participant information sheet (to see what the participant sees before they are interviewed) and an e-copy of the recruitment posters.

I can also send you as many hard copies of the posters in the post as you wish if you are able to assist us with this research. You can also see a link to our research online at This research is also on Twitter

I hope you will be able to offer us assistance with this valuable research.

Best wishes,

Steven Piatczanyn

PhD Psychology Researcher

University of Liverpool

Institute of Psychology, Health and Society

Department of Psychological Sciences

Room 280, Second Floor

Eleanor Rathbone Building

Bedford Street South

Liverpool, L69 7ZA

Telephone: 0151 794 1401

Internal: 41401

Mobile: 07955 860685





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