Your free benefits guide

Benefits rules are confusing at the best of times. But this month, we have been deluged with changes. Bedroom tax, the end of DLA, PIP, Crisis loans, Council Tax Benefit, the list goes on….

We’re hoping that we can help you get the information you need about all these changes. Our advisers have put together a pack explaining all the changes we know about. It is free to anyone and everyone

Get your free copy of ‘Benefits – how the changes will affect you’

You can read the guide online or print it out. Please give it to anyone you think needs it. We know it’s a very worrying time for many people affected by mental illness. There’s a black and white version without photos if you want to save on ink.

We’re sending it to everyone we can think of who could help others – psychiatrists, CPNs, GPs and our own services. So please feel free to do the same – the more we can get real information to people, the better. And it has details of our advice line, which we have opened for an extra hour this month to try and help more people who are struggling.

Print a copy and give it to anyone who needs it

Rest assured, this is not all we’re doing. We are still working on our secret campaign to improve benefits tests, which we will tell you about as soon as we can. And we are working on more information about Universal Credit. We will send that to you once it is ready.

I hope this helps you and your loved ones to get the support you need.

Best wishes

Jane Harris
Rethink Mental Illness


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