Training for Paranoia Peer Support Facilitators


I’m pleased to announce our next training course for existing or prospective facilitators of Paranoia Peer Support Groups.

Dates are the 19th, 22nd, 25th & 29th April 2013 and timings 10am to 4.30pm.

Better Bankside Trust Community Space

18 Great Guildford St, London ­­­SE1 0FD

(map attached)

The training is FREE for people with lived experience of paranoia

£150 for Voluntary Organisations

£200 for Statutory Organisations

Mind in Camden’s Paranoia Groups Project launched in February 2012, in the wake of previous success developing a network of over 40 peer support groups across London for people who hear voices. Hearing Voices Groups provide a safe space for members to share their experiences without fear of judgment, and are founded on an ethos of acceptance and validation, where experiences are understood as having personal meaning. Building on the same peer support model, and in partnership with the National Paranoia Network the London Paranoia Groups Project aims to create a similar network of groups across London for people experiencing paranoia and/or distressing or overwhelming beliefs – groups where these beliefs can be openly explored and coping strategies shared.

For more information, please see attached flyer and application form.

application form – Paranoia Facilitation Training 2013

Paranoia Groups Fac Training – April 2013

Please send back a completed application form as soon as you can and we will let you know whether you have secured a place. Whilst we have to prioritise those organisations with definite plans for setting up a group, we’re keen to offer it to as many people and organisations as we can.

Feel free to distribute to people in your networks and to whomever may be interested.

Looking forward to your applications

Kind wishes

John Wetherell

Project Assistant

For Molly Carroll

Development Worker

Paranoia Project

Mind in Camden’s Paranoia Project is run in partnership with the National Paranoia Network

Mind in Camden

0207 625 9042 (ext 3)

Barnes House, 9-15 Camden Road, London, NW1 9LQ


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