Service user and carer advisory group – March Update (Psychological Medicine Clinical Academic Group)

Hello everyone,

The Psychological Medicine Clinical Academic Group (CAG) runs services across the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). The services include emergency access services (such as home treatment services, a&e psychiatric liaison), complex care services (such as eating disorders, chronic fatigue, mother & baby services) and neurosciences services (such as brain injury). Advisory group members have experience of services either as service users or family members/carers. We work with the senior managers to keep the views of service users & carers at the heart of all service developments and improvements. To make sure that people know what we are discussing in our meetings, we have developed this short briefing sheet (attached).   Please feel free to circulate it to people who may have an interest.  We also welcome feedback and comments.

(After circulating the last briefing, we had some feedback about how police work with people with mental health problems –and I will be asking our service director who chairs the police liaison committee what is the best way of raising concerns.)

1) Six service user/carer consultants were present at the March meeting. Also present were the Patient & Public Involvement Lead, 1 ward manager, 1 clinical charge nurse, and the engagement officer from the Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group. Apologies were received from 3 service user consultants and 4 staff members.

2.) We focussed discussions on the Triage wards where people have a short (up to 7 days) stay for an intensive assessment. 50% of people are discharged home with support from the home treatment service or community mental health teams, and other people are transferred to another ward if they need a longer stay.

3). A member of the group was interested in data around readmissions to triage wards. We heard that this data is collected and service managers and commissioners were very interested in readmissions and how to prevent them.

4). We heard about systems for gaining patient feedback – via Linkworkers (people with experience of using mental health services who attend the ward for a couple of hours a week), via patient satisfaction questionnaires and via advocacy services. We noted that there was no longer a regular linkworker on the Lewisham Triage ward and suggested that this needed to be addressed.

5) We were pleased to hear about work on Croydon Triage ward to increase the number of patients being given a copy of their treatment plan. This work stemmed from feedback from the patient satisfaction survey.

6). The 2 members of the group who will be attending the May governance meeting to discuss patient experience on the ward will be attending the 3 triage wards during April to talk to service users and staff. They will also look at feedback from the patient satisfaction questionnaires.

7). Our carers representative told us about a report called “More than 1 person on the Journey” which outlines the needs of carers of people with learning disabilities.

8). We heard about the plans to develop a network of carers representatives. Our carers representatives have met with the Trustwide patient and public involvement team and the plans are being discussed at the Trustwide Family and Carers Strategy Meeting.

9) 3 group members attended the Lambeth Mental Health Event on March 8th. They fed back that whilst it felt ‘difficult to be heard’ at times, it provided a good opportunity for networking.

10). A group member, who had attended the Lewisham Joint Consultation Partnership Board, noted the need to increase service user involvement from Lewisham residents, both within Lewisham and at Trust level. We heard about a new voluntary sector service in Lewisham which will provide support and signposting to prepare people for discharge to primary care.

pdf here: briefing – March 2013 – doc

Best wishes,


Alice Glover
Patient & Public Involvement Lead
Mood Anxiety & Personality CAG and Psychological Medicine CAG
email: tel: 020 3228 0959
113 Denmark Hill |The Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ


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