Invite for film screening at BFI – CoolTan

CoolTan Arts would like to invite you to our film screening at the BFI on Monday 25th March, 11am for 11.15am start, finish 1pm.

This screening will be original films made by CoolTan Arts participants, exploring the impact of the personalisation process and personal budgets, through their own words, filmmaking and animation. Work includes a film exploring issues for the LGBT community in accessing personal budgets.

These films are made by and for people with mental distress, and for policy makers, politicians and health care professionals.

We will have a discussion panel with VIP speakers and filmmakers, and a chance for the audience to ask questions. Come and be part of creating hope, find out how we support people to stay well, stay out of hospital, and enhance their mental well being through creativity and self – advocacy.

An entertaining and interesting event- Personalisation, the Real Story!

Funded by Ecorys Health and Social Care Volunteering grant.

Please RSVP to Clara Jones at CoolTan Arts , or call 0207 701 2696


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