World AIDS Day – Screening and Information Event

Please come along to this event to raise awareness of the importance of Diagnosing HIV Early

On December the 1st its World AIDS Day
We’re all familiar with the terms AIDS and HIV but what do they stand for?: HIV = Human Immunity Virus and this is AIDS before it manifests itself in its most harmful form: AIDS = Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome and that means that the disease has become fully active in the body. However AIDS only breaks down your body’s natural defence systems – treatments exist that can bolster your immune system so its so important for people to make sure whether they have the disease or not as treatment is at hand.

View the flyer for this event CLICK HERE:World AIDS Day Event – Free testing – Information – 1st Dec 2011

World Aids Day Event
When?: 1st December 2011
What time?: 12:30pm – 2pm
Where?: King’s Boardroom
King’s College Hospital
Denmark Hill

Did you know? Our Local Population has the highest number of HIV cases in the UK
– Diagnosing HIV early saves lives and prevents transmission.

No need to book in advance – but if you would like to or if you have any questions please contact:
Dr Melinda Tenant
Consultant HIV/Sexual Health




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