SLaM UNISON staff strike on 30th November

Dear Service User Consultant colleagues,

Your SLaM staff colleagues are intending to take strike action on 30th November with other public sector workers across the UK, over government attacks on public sector pensions. This day of action is backed by the TUC, amongst others. This could possibly be the biggest strike in the UK since 1926 (when there was a General Strike).

This is just one more part of the resistance against the terrible ConDem cuts which of course include attacks on our incapacity and other benefits, with more to come, including a “review” of DLA already announced, as well as attacks on old age pensions which will affect us all. In Cameron’s words, I hope you would agree that in this respect, we (SLaM staff and service user consultants) are indeed “all in it together”.

There is no doubt that we are all faced with the impact of the cuts directed by the Coalition goverment to save money, having bailed out the banks’ irresposible actions with our money, and while continuing award huge contracts to ATOS (who are conducting the IR to ESA assessments) and other private companies working in the health service, many of whom have been major donors to the Conservative party.

We urge you to decline any work you are offered on 30th November, making it clear that you are “on strike” in support of your UNISON colleagues. Please also don’t cross any picket lines.

In solidarity,

D Rosier (Service User Consultant Co-Chair, TWIG Ops, personal capacity)

Vanessa Bray (Service User Consultant Vice Co-Chair, TWIG Ops, personal capacity)

Liz Dalton (SUC, Arts Strategy Project p/c)

Bridget Jones (SUC, Food Project, p/c)

Stefano Perera (SUC, SUITE & Psychosis SUAG, p/c)

Please feel free to add your name in support 🙂

One Comment on “SLaM UNISON staff strike on 30th November”

  1. Stefano says:

    Service users and staff unite!

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