Training for volunteers in Lewisham 2011

Training in Lewisham for volunteers working in a mental health setting 2011

This September & October SLaM (south London & Maudsley) are hosting four fantastic free training sessions for volunteers working in mental health.
Below is a breakdown of all of the sessions which will take place at:

Lewisham Adult Services
8 Belmont Hill, London, SE13 5BD

Alternatively you can view the graphical flyer for the events CLICK HERE:Training for volunteers in Lewisham 2011

Session 1: Mental health awareness Sept 14th What time?: 10-12pm
An introduction to the issues faced by people with mental health problems & an opportunity to explore your anxieties about working in a mental health setting.

Session 2: Listening skills Sept 21st 2011 What time?: 10-12pm
It is vital that people feel listened to. We will look at what makes a good listener and how we can improve our communication.

Session 3: Boundaries Sept 28th 2011 What time?: 10-12pm
This session will give you the chance to explore exactly where your role starts and stops and how you can avoid situations which may lead you to taking on more than you should.

Session 4: Respect Oct 5th 2011 What time?: 10-12pm
Respecting peoples individuality and personal information is important, but it is important also to know when and how to share information. We will look at how a confidentiality policy works in practice.

If you are interested in any of the sessions and if you’d like to book a place on all or any of the sessions then please contact: Anna Callinan
Tel: 020 3228 0236 Email: Anna.callinan



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