TWIG Ops statement on the proposal to withdraw funding from the Southwark NW MAP Service User Group

TWIG Ops believes that CAG and central PPI budgets should be reserved for developmental and start up work, after which the costs should reasonably be borne by the relevant commissioning or using service unit. Only this way can we ever embed involvement into the work of the Trust.

Where business units have agreed a piece of work, we believe that they should not be allowed to cut the service without consultation with all affected parties, including those involved in the start up.

We note that the MAP CAG involvement budget is being used to underwrite the running of the Southwark NW MAP service user group (SUG) and do not support this arrangement although we are of course grateful for the pragmatic offer.

Southwark involvement budget (as was), put substantial funding and many staff hours into the set up, and we feel that the key service users and members of staff should be consulted about any possibility of withdrawing funding from the group.

We further note that the existing staff and Service User Consultant co-facilitators are both about to leave, for unrelated reasons.  It could be perceived that this has provided the opportunity to withdraw funding from the SUG, now that the two main drivers are leaving.

We note that the Southwark NW MAP SUG costs about £100 per month to run, and over 20 service users have been to the meetings, which they have said they found useful and helpful, as have staff.

Staff and service users from the group have been and remain engaged in some meaningful work to improve the NW “experience” for both staff and service users.

If the proposal remains that the service does not fund the project, we would like to request that the service users who attend the group should have the opportunity to look at the management accounts in order to suggest other places where £100 pcm could be saved.


D Rosier (Co-Chair, TWIG Ops, personal capacity)

Vanessa Bray (Vice-Chair, TWIG Ops, p/c)

Paul Ashton

Dolly Sen

Jason James

Sarah Nayler

Garry Ellison

Paul Paterson

Leslie Casimir

Bridget Pearce

Abisoye Rokosu

Jane White

Christine Khisa

Lorna McKenzie

Douglas Taylor

Tahar Hamadouche

Martin Saunders (Vice-Chair, TWIG Stategic)

Gerry Kelly

Nina Hallett

Gill Ashwood

Jean Cozens

Veronica Conte

If you support this statement, please add your name above or below: thank you

*UPDATE 5 September* Jo Kent, Deputy Director of the MAP CAG has confirmed that this post will continue to be funded.


One Comment on “TWIG Ops statement on the proposal to withdraw funding from the Southwark NW MAP Service User Group”

  1. Martin Saunders says:

    So much for ‘nothing about us without us’.

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