Psychosis Clinical Academic Group (CAG) Service User Consultant, Care Pathways

Improving Mental Health Services

Are you passionate about getting involved in improving mental health services?
Are you interested in helping the Psychosis CAG to develop better ways for communicating with staff, service users, carers and outside organizations?
Are you comfortable working alongside managers and service users?
Would you like to help advise the Psychosis CAG on its communications?
This role is to be a member of the “Psychosis CAG Communications Steering Group”. Its a great opportunity for someone to step forward who may have opinions about the communication between managers, staff, service users, carers and external organizations.

What will be expected of you?
– Attendance of the Communications Group for two hours per month.
– Occasional attendance of other meetings, such as the service user advisory group. This will mean another hour per month
– Email and phone calls in between meetings of up to one hour per month.
– Help staff consider the relevance of care pathway issues to service users
This role will be best suited to someone with:
– Experience of using mental health services
– A real passion for helping develop care pathways
– Experience of meetings
– Experience of consulting with services users
– Ability to think about others’ experiences

What are the hours?
Up to 4 hours per month for at least 3 months; this will then be reviewed as meetings are likely to be less frequent. It will be reviewed with the service user consultants. The role will be fully reviewed after six months.

How do you apply?
First, have a look at the role description CLICK HERE:Role Description Service User Communications Steering Group Consultant
And a power-point presentation CLICK HERE:What is the Psychosis CAG
For more information and If you are interested in applying contact:
Anne Kirby, Patient and Public Involvement Lead for the Psychosis CAG: Telephone:07989652482

Please note that deadlines for applications being received are Wednesday 6th July 2011


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